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simon-andersonSimon Anderson Fitness Training is dedicated to providing each client with life changing and body transforming fitness and weight loss results through proven and effective health based weight loss nutrition plans, simplified detoxification programs, challenging metabolic workouts and essential guides to help manage stress levels.

If you are frustrated with the way you look and feel, tired of feeling fat and sluggish and are desperate for increased strength and stamina, improved digestion and vitality and long to feel more confidence with a leaner and more toned physique then Simon Anderson Fitness Training has a programme that will suit you!

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 Transform Your Body And Change Your Life With The Energise Fitness Camp:

KICK START your fitness, HIT the reset button on your health and ACCELERATE your results with Salisbury’s #1 Fitness & Weight Loss Camp. Come and join us at my early morning ‘non-military’ style training camp and get your journey to a fitter, faster, stronger and leaner well and truly started TODAY!

Trial-Pass-Image-2-simonandersonfitnesstraining.co.ukYou are a busy individual and you want to see health, fitness and weight loss results fast so having a motivational trainer by your side 3 times a week as you workout with a group of like minded individuals would be ideal for you. You’re desperate to discover the secrets of how to train more efficiently, to be held accountable for your actions whist being motivated and supported in order to keep you on track with an easy to follow nutritional plan that provides maximum gains with minimal fuss.

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The Get Mums Fit Project – Helping Mums to get flatter tums

The Get Mums Fit Project is a health based fitness and nutritional program designed specifically for busy Mum’s just like you to become fitter, faster, stronger, leaner and better equipped to tackle the everyday life of being a busy mum

get-mums-fit-project-simonandersonfitness.co.ukThis 28 day ‘non military’ buggy friendly bootcamp style program is Salisbury’s only guaranteed results or your money back fitness camp that allows you to train alongside your little ones, or escape too once the elder ones are safely packed off to school or nursery.

If you are a stay at home Mum, then here at Simon Anderson fitness Training we have a plan for you that will help you hit all your health, fitness and weight loss goals and having you back in those pre-pregnancy clothes (or smaller) sooner than expected

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Spin Yourself Thin With Spin Unleashed

 This 45 minute, Ultimate in Cardio workouts promises to deliver you a high power, supercharged workout that will have you burning up to 900 calories in less than an hour!

spin-unleashed-simonandersonfitness.co.ukIf you are a lover of training to music?

And you like to live life in the fast lane?

Then come and join us at Salisbury’s #1 spin class as we pump up the volume, turn up the resistance and crank up the speed for 45 minutes of sprints, fast rides, hill climbs and jumps creating the perfect fitness workout that will have you dripping with sweat and dying for more!

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Build A Stronger And Leaner Physique With Fusion Training

Fusion Training is a unique class that blends High Intensity Interval Training and Kettlebells to create the perfect recipe for INCREASED strength, IMPROVED endurance and ACCELERATED fat loss.

kettlebells-simonandersonfitness.co.ukEach of my 45 minute classes have been specifically designed to work the whole body leaving absolutely no muscle unworked helping you to sculpt a stronger, leaner and more toned physique!

And with sessions designed to suit all abilities, from the beginners to the advanced it makes this the perfect class if you are looking to get lean and toned!!!

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Get Super Fit – Super Fast With Bootcamp Circuits Training

If you are looking for just 1 workout that really hits the spot, then look no further than Bootcamp Circuits. When its comes to get fitter, faster, stronger and leaner then this workout is an ABSOLUTE game changer!

battle-ropes-studio-2Bootcamp Circuits is a unique and exciting training concept that blends High Intensity Interval Training (HIIT) workouts, with Metabolic Body Weight techniques, Kettlebells, Battle ropes, Medicine Balls, Tyres and much, much to create the perfect formula for improved strength, increased endurance and total body conditioning

Find out more about Bootcamp Circuits here…

Become Your Own Trainer With Online Training

Unfortunately you are too busy, do not live local enough or simply cannot afford to train with any of the above, but that’s no reason to fret as Simon Anderson Fitness Training still has the perfect fit for you.

7-day-Belly-Blaster-simonandersonfitness.co.ukBut you still want the guaranteed and fast results that the in person programmes offer and you definitely want to be held accountable for your actions, stay supported and all whilst following a proven nutritional plan that will help you lose up to 10lb in 10 days, drop a jean size in as little as 21 days or literally transform the way you look and feel in JUST 30 days.

If that sounds just like you then start your journey today by downloading my free 7 day nutritional plan

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“All of my programs have been designed to aid you towards shifting that excess weight that has been a burden to you, to increase your fitness levels so you don’t feel out of breath again doing the slightest of tasks and for you to build lean muscle mass that will not only make you stronger and leaner but will also supercharge your metabolism helping you to burn fat more efficiently from your first day onwards”

Dedicated to your health and fitness

Simon ‘transforming bodies and changing lives’ Anderson


7 Day Trial Membership Pass, Book Yours Today

7 Day Trial Membership Pass, Book Yours Today

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