2 Fingers Was All He Needed!!

Just when you think you’ve seen it all, along comes something truly jaw dropping!

There I was at Butt’lins amongst the masses in the Centre Stage as the Shaolin Monks performed.

I knew it was going to be an epic performance but man, I wasn’t prepared for what I was going to witness that evening.

I’ll tell ya, you can stick your Spider-Man, Batman and all those other fakes up your ass because these dudes are real life super heroes!

You see, these guys do the impossible!kung-fu

And they know Kung-fu too!

But what is most impressive is their mind set. Their ability to apply mind over matter to do some real crazy shit that mere mortals like me get all moist about!

To be honest you had to be there to witness it and no matter how much I rave and shout about it you’re just not going to feel it the way I did.

I mean, they made a 35 year old stand there and act like a 5 year old that has just spotted Santa at a Chrimbo grotto for goods sake!

But picture the scene if you can, we were just over half way through the show and I had already bared witness to some awesome Kung-fu moves, kids no more than 10 doing head stand flips and somersaults. I had watched in awe as one guy led back down on top of 2 blades that had easily sliced through melons moments before. On top of him covering his chest and abdominal area was a 2ft square bed of nails, not just any bed though but a bed where nails faced not only up but down as well so this could allow another monk to lay upon the second one with a concrete slab rested upon his chest. With that a 3rd monk appeared on the scene brandishing a rather hefty looking sledge hammer. As he swung it high over his head, I half turned away, grimacing and peeking through just the one eye in a ‘thats gonna frickin’ sting in the morning’ kind of way as with all his might this monk slammed the head of the hammer down crashing into the concrete slab smashing it in to 2 pieces upon this monk dudes chest. To my utter amazement both monks were unharmed! And were still unmoved as they walked away!

amazedI was dumbstruck!

But you see that’s not all, what came next simply beggared belief!

You all know a press up right? Well this dude did them on 2 fingers, that’s right, if you’re a mere mortal like me you might just manage to do one using 2 fingers and a thumb, but just 2 fingers?!?!

Simply Amazing!!!

But then he raised the bar and SMASHED crazy right out of the park!

From a kneeling position, legs crossed and with just 2 fingers of each hand in contact with the floor this bold headed, red robed dude raised himself up on abdominal strength alone into a hand stand position with just 4 fingers holding him up.

Then things went totally INSANE!!

This is the exact moment I did the kid and Santa thing. There was me pointing at the stage whilst looking back at my partner as if I was a child and she was my Mum in the ‘Mum, Mum, look it’s Santa’ kind of way…

You know it as we’ve all seen it before!

fingertip-handstand-212x300Well this monk dude only went and took 2 fingers away, that’s right, he was in full hand stand position with just his pointer finger of each hand keeping him suspended vertically. And believe me it wasn’t for a mere split second either, he held that position for what seemed an agonising long time!

At that point I was in awe, I had found a new hero!

The first thing I did when I got back to my apartment after was to attempt a 2 finger press up and I admit, I failed miserably, d’oh!

But I will keep trying though until I succeed as these guys with their mind set and the Shaolin ways have paved the way now!

I will succeed, I will manipulate my mind to allow the impossible, I will become a super hero!

Which leads me quite swiftly towards the end of this post but no post of mine will be complete without you taking something knowledgable away.

And today’s it is quite simply,

If you apply your mind to it, you will achieve it.

Your body is a fine tuned machine and it will do almost everything you ask of it. And as long as its kept fit and healthy it will continue that way for many, many years to come.

yes-you-canSo remember next time when you think you cannot do another burpee – you can and you will!

Or you feel you just cannot make that last mile. Yes you can and yes you will!

And when you say to yourself ‘I could never stick to that nutritional plan, I cannot live without having this or that’, well if you want the results bad enough then you most definitely CAN and you most definitely WILL!!!

It is simply mind over matter, achieve the mind set, get the result!

superheroSo Believe me when I say, you can achieve anything you want as inside the minds of us all is a super hero in waiting, not a fake super hero though that wears a mask and runs around in a cape with his pants on the outside, no a super hero that says “I’m going to do this, I will not be beaten!”

All that is needed is the power of mind to unleash it!

Please note though That doesn’t mean we are all capable of doing 1 finger handstands though! That shit needs skill, dedication and balls of steel!

Dedicated to your health and fitness

Simon ‘off to practice press ups’ Anderson

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