27 Things You Didn’t Know About Simon Anderson

IMG_0941If you know Me then you might know me as Simon Anderson the Fitness, Health and Weight Loss Coach, King of Spin or Kettlebells Instructor.

You might just know me as someone you receive emails from every now and then

Maybe you know me as a friend, colleague or acquaintance.

V-FESTIVAL-2011-029…Jeez, you might not even know who Simon Anderson is at all!

And in all fairness, it doesn’t really matter if or even how you know me, what matters though is that you have stumbled across this blog post, the first blog post that I ever published.

And the first time that I have opened up and let out a few ‘not many people know’ secrets about his life that up to now have kept close to his chest and far away from the prying eyes of the public!

Anyhow, if you are close to me, have once met me or have just had the privilege to train with me then I hope this post brings back some great memories for you. Who knows this post may even shock you but I doubt it if you truly know me!

And if you have no clue as to who I, Simon Richard Anderson am at all then I hope this post gives you a little insight into the man who’s Mum kindly named Simon.

So here I go, feet first into some truths and tales that to this day not even my Mum knows…..


lonsdale boxer shorts1. I’m not fully happy in life until I own at least 1 pair of pink boxer shorts.

I also have to wear them on a Saturday! Thankfully I have a very loving wife that understands my ridiculous needs, and makes sure I always have a pair in the draw.

Spice Girl 2. I have many guilty music pleasures.

The biggest being Mariah Carey, Belinda Carlisle and best (or worst) of all the Spice Girls. Unfortunately my partner doesn’t share the same love as me though, especially with the Spice Girls, d’oh!!


IMG_68483. I am absolutely head over heels in love with my gorgeous Daughter Annabella Rose.

Born on the 1st of June 2013, Annabella, turned my world upside down but all for the right reasons. This was her on her first photo shoot, check her out, isn’t she so frickin’ scrummy!!!

bullying image4. I was bullied at school.

To this day the reason has still been kept secret only to be known by myself, my Mum, and my wife Zoe and of course, all of those that bullied me for it! At its very worst point just after I left Middle School I reached a point where I had just about had enough and I tried to slit my wrists, luckily I was even dumber back then and tried to do it with a blunt knife, d’oh!


Malteaser image5. I nearly died before I was born.

During pregnancy my Mum was in a mini metro that rolled whilst travelling down the infamous Snakey Hill. If you live in and around Salisbury then you may well be familiar with this steep and windy road. Luckily due to some quick thinking all the passengers surrounded my Mum so that no harm came to her. I also nearly met my maker at the grand age of 2 when I choked on a malteaser, I actually went blue and was saved my a neighbours who’s long spindly finds managed to prize it from my windpipe. The experience never stopped me from loving them though or come to that racing up Snakey in my old XR2 either many years later.

Gear stick image6. I have a little bit of an OCD.

When I get in the drivers seat of a car I have the need to check that the car is out of gear at least 3 times by wiggling the gear stick every time before starting the car up. This I still believe to be untrue though but Zoe my wife is adamant that I do and as we all know, the women is always right, hehe!

Bruce pic7. I talk in my sleep.

Mostly it’s pretty much mumble jumble but on one rather funny occasion in as best as an Australian accent that could ever be heard I blurted out Strewth Bruce leaving my then fiancé Zoe in hysterics! According to her too I also fart in my sleep which I find highly amusing!

OCD image8. Another unproven OCD.

This is my supposed chair shuffle at the dinner table. Apparently and this is from Zoe once again, I rock back and forth in my chair as if I was trying to move the seat but in fact I’m not doing anything apart from looking like a bit of a mad twat!!

Confused image9. My favourite colour is red,

or is it pink? I can never decide!! No wait, I think it’s most definitely red!

example image10. I completely balls’ up my first and only marriage proposal.

You see I had it all planned and it would’ve been shear perfection but not all goes to plan when someone else is involved does it! The idea was, whilst at the V Festival in 2012 I would propose to Zoe whilst Example played our song ‘Watch the Sun Come Up’. I would lovingly wrap my arms around her, ring in hand and whisper the all important question in her ear…

However, I didn’t anticipate Zoe wanting to go straight to the front of around 60,000 screaming fans to be within 4 rows of the front, d’oh! What happened in the end when our favourite song came on was something completely different.

There I was blurting out that I was ‘going to’ propose to her, leaving Zoe thinking I was joking, me trying to say “no I’m being serious here”, Zoe saying “what?” and looking rather confused and some where, some how in amongst a field full of happy revellers living it up in the sun we finally managed to get to the point when Zoe finally understood me and said yes, whoop whoop!!!

Once Example had finished and the crowds dispersed I pulled out the ring that put the icing on the cake of a story that I will no doubt tell a thousand times.

Spider Image11. I have a fear of spiders!

I absolutely hate the little fuckers (excuse my French) and when confronted by one, it is pretty much either them or me and I’m sure as shit not dying to one of them! Okay so maybe I over exaggerated a little there as since meeting Zoe I’ve manned up a little and have managed to release a few back into the wild, and unharmed too!

Shark trip Neptune Island Monday 13712. I love Sharks.

I once cage dived with great whites of the coast of Adelaide, Australia. The photo on the left was taken by myself. I have also had the privilege of diving with the largest shark of them all, the Whale shark on my last dive trip in Papau New Guinea.

Cheesecake image13. I’m addicted to cheesecake!

I think this could be classed as another OCD but if I’m eating out in a restaurant and cheesecake is on the menu I HAVE to have it! There maybe some truly magical desserts on that menu but if cheesecake is there the others don’t get a look in!

City image14. I hate Man City and Liverpool.

Come to think of it I’m not too fond of Chelsea either as I am a massive
Manchester United fan and a previous season ticket for them for 2 seasons. Once I even drove up to Manchester to watch them play Newcastle United on a Saturday only to realise that the game had been changed to the Sunday due to a European tie so I turned around and headed home only to get up again at s*** o’clock the next day to do the almost 400 mile round trip again! Only 800 freakin’ miles for 1 game that thankfully we ended up winning 2-0, so nowt wrong with that is there?!

DSCF324415. I enjoy photography,

Especially when it comes to my daughter, flowers, sunsets and underwater shots! The only problem is this whole digital malarkey does my swede in as I end up with hundreds, possibly thousands of photo’s that never get developed

Sloth image16. I love movies.

My favourite films in the world are Star Wars, Forrest Gump, Jaws and a somewhat guilty pleasure…Dirty Dancing. The oldies are always the best don’t you think?! Damn and I forgot the Goonies, that film is AMAZING!!!….Hey you Guys!!!

Police17. I wanted to be a Policeman.

When I was still at upper school I wanted to be a Police Officer. Unfortunately after looking into it I became scared off as at the time I wasn’t the lover I am of any physical activity except anything associated with football and hockey! How things have changed now hey!!

Since that day I have been a panel beater, bricklayer/labourer, taxi driver, takeaway delivery driver, video rental salesman, and shop assistant before finally finding my passion in the fitness industry!!

Ben pic18. My best mate is Ben Stockley,

Friends since the summer of 94, me and Ben have travelled near and far and done some pretty crazy s*** along the way! I don’t see this guy near enough as much as I should, as life just gets in the way. But I know he will be there for me in a flash if and when needed, as I would be for him too!

FRIDAY-THE-13TH19. I passed my driving test on Friday the 13th.

It was the eve of my 18th birthday and it was the 13th hour of the day but low and behold, I passed on my first attempt! Unfortunately though I then had my first fender bender 2 days later on the 15th when my passenger door on my rather elegant orange painted mk2 Escourt complete with it’s terracotta vinyl roofed met my mates gate post. Worst thing was he was in the car at the same time and I completely ignored his, what seemed unneeded advice as ‘I was a car driver and he wasn’t’ regarding the best way to enter his driveway, oops!!! And before you ask it was very late afternoon so it wasn’t also my first drink drive incident too, haha!

IMG_692920. The worst day of my life also became my greatest!

It was June the 1st 2013 and I was seated next to my then gorgeous fiancé Zoe as she led in a hospital bed in the full throws of labour. Well to say the labour wasn’t the smoothest was a total understatement.

At the worst point when more midwifes and doctors than I could manage to count piled into the room as Zoe’s labour took a huge step into complicated and our still unborn baby’s heartbeat plummeted I kind of went into panic mode. I heard the words emergency and Caesarian and my heart dropped, I feared losing 1, if not both of them and at that moment my whole world stood still. I felt paralysed, numb, useless!

As it happened though, the staff did an amazing job and all turned out well as at 11.58am baby Annabella Rose was born to the world making me the proudest Dad EVER!!!

braces21. My only regret in life is not being more patient with my braces.

I only managed to break 3 of them with the 3rd being a set of train tracks of which I pulled out on a Sunday afternoon using a 50 pence piece. You see, one of the wires had broken free and kindly impaled itself in the inside of my cheek, GRR! Now I’m normally a patient kind of guy but I think that has something that has come with age as that brace set was soon and pretty effortlessly whipped out! Unfortunately my dentist didn’t see this as a great excuse for me destroying his artistry and was just a little pissed at my antics to say the least!

dream image22. I have a dream, I have a dream….

I have a dream of one day opening up my very own health and fitness centre, A place where you can train, relax, eat, recover as well as get all your supplementation needs all under one roof no matter what age or sex you are. If all goes to plan it won’t be just the 1 centre either as I plan a nationwide assault on poor health and obesity. My dreams do not stop there though as I want to retire early and spend my latter days travelling to the Far East and setting up an import business of hand carved ornaments, paintings, furniture and jewellery.

You may call me slightly ambitious.

walking in circles23. I have a right leg shorter than the left

And now have to wear a heel raise in my right shoe to stop me from walking around in circles, haha!! I also have no toe nail on my big right toe, not a lot of people know that!

Supernatural24. I used to be a 24 super fan,

Pretty apt for the number hey but my Kiefer Sutherland addiction has now been replaced by the awesomeness of American Horror Story, Breaking bad and Dexter. I’m also a huge Supernatural fan, if you have never seen it then it’s utter cheese but the 2 main characters Sam & Dean travel around America slaying demons, vamps, ghosts and other supernatural nasties and best of all, they do so to some classic rock tunes which are AWESOME!!! I blame Zoe for this as she kindly introduced me to Supernatural, at the time I thought I would hate it but I was very wrong much to her delight.

singing25. I love to sing.

If you have not attended any of my classes I am pretty much always singing, with my favourite melody being “Everyone loves a Burpee”. The only problem is that I am a god awful singer, jeez, even the deaf cringe when I blast out a tune!! I also tell poor jokes, quote Toy story, I’m crude, I’m rude and I generally take the Mickey! I don’t like to take life too seriously, it should always be fun whether you’re training or not!

Bros26. My first album I brought was Bros.

Back in I believe 1988, when I first started to get into music I spent my pocket money on a Bros album, I’ve never admitted that before! I’ve always said it was Kylie which was my second album but I’m not sure if that’s just as embarrassing now though?!

Apart from my few guilty pleasures I’m pretty sure that my music taste has improved dramatically!

handcuffs27. I got Busted!!

And no, I don’t mean that lame band either! Did I really call them lame after admitting to liking the Spice Girls and buying Bros….SHOCKING!!! Nah, I got busted when I was about 12 for stealing milk off of people’s door steps after sneaking out at about 5am with some mates! I know this now to be a totally stupid thing to have done, but what made our crime even worse was the fact the fuzz who caught us was out looking for me and my 2 mates as he had been notified by the milkman after finding numerous notes left for him asking for extra’s like cream and fizzy drinks (as they used to deliver all that back in the day).

I still do not know how we got caught really as all the notes were written in our very best 12 year old hand writing! Maybe it was due to the fact that there was about 5 notes each along one single road, and there was us thinking we were child geniuses!

Needless to say I got a caution and a right old bollocking from my Mum for my endeavours which I think I’d pretty much deserved to be fair!

So that is me, Simon Anderson

Health, Fitness and Weight Loss Coach.

Friend to many

Foe to few

Son to Evelyn and Manny

Father to Annabella Rose

Husband to Zoe

Stepdad to Summer and Jay

A far from perfect specimen of human evolution

All laid out bare, the good, the bad and the naughty!!

I would just love to say a thank you to all my beautiful family for putting up with me, sticking by me and making the life of being Simon Anderson the best experience EVER!

If you have not yet had the privilege to meet my AWESOME family then here they are….


Thank you so much for taking the time to read my post, I hope you have enjoyed it and are already looking forward to my next instalment.

If you did enjoy reading this post then I would be truly honoured if you would take another moment of your time to leave a comment or share via social media.

Thank you in advance

Simon ‘humbled’ Anderson

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3 comments on “27 Things You Didn’t Know About Simon Anderson
  1. Mandy Davin says:

    Great reading! Wonderfuly put and thank you for sharing. Fantastic fitness trainer and great motivator. An inspriation and gorgeous family. I miss so much the training I just wish my hours suited your boot camp times. Keep up the good work Simon. Mandy

  2. Vicky says:

    Brilliant first post!

  3. Suzi Bee says:

    What a wonderful story about a normal (well kinda normal. Spice girls really?) guy getting on this life as best as possible (bullies are bastards) and working God damn hard to achieve your dreams… You’re an amazing instructor with fun and laughter, and I love the way you interact with your clients via social media on top of any fitness classes. You give that extra personal touch. I sincerely wish you the best future with your beautiful fiancée Zoe and your adorable children. Much love xXx

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