27 Ways To Create Awesomeness This Year

I-love-itI love helping people

If truth be known, I get a buzz out of it

And not just for helping people to lose weight, transform their body’s and change their lives either

No I also get a buzz from helping people achieve increased productivity, more spare time, better health, improved mind-set and general awesomeness

Love that word by the way!


So for that reason my blog reading friend

I’ve put together 27 ways that you can have more you time, improved health, better brain power, increased productivity, the ability to achieve great things and generally kick ass this year

I warn you now though, some of my language may be a little colourful as this was a very passionate post to write and I felt that I couldn’t hold back so my apologises if anything I say causes offence

Well here goes, let’s do this

1. Put yourself first

Let’s face it, if you don’t put yourself first who the hell is?!

Sometimes I guess you have to be a bit selfish and do what’s right for you rather than making sure everyone else gets their bit of you before you do.

After all, you’re just bring selfish to yourself if you neglect your needs over others right?

Obviously this is different for parents as the child needs always should come first!

7-day-Belly-Blaster-simonandersonfitness.co.uk2. Eat clean

In a world of highly processed foods where the new addiction is sugar and the most common drug is caffeine it’s no surprise that as a nation we are getting sicker and fatter!

Eating clean takes you a step back from all those belly bulging foods and allows you to reduce your calorie intake without having to count calories, weigh foods or consume tasteless meal replacements in a quest to achieve leanness.

And as a result, you lose weight, you improve your health and increase your energy levels.

Why not Download my FREE 7 day nutrition plan and see how much better you feel after just 1 week

3. Take a detox

A good internal cleanse of the system now and again is ALWAYS a good thing.

Removing all those toxic chemicals from your body will help you lose/maintain weight, improve health, boost your energy levels and will generally leave you feeling great.

“Love you, love your body”

Problem is, there are too many detoxes on the market, and not all are that good unfortunately but they will always be out there though none-the-less.

If you are someone that is sick and tired of feeling sick and tired and would like to try one that has had proven results then get in touch as I have one that would be a perfect fit for you, it can even be catered to meet all your personal needs

foff-simonandersonfitness.co.uk4. Tell someone to f*** off

Before you do it I’m not meaning to say it to anyone!

Wait until you’ve read it be fore you react on any kind of office rage impulse

We all have someone in our lives that drains us and literally drives us insane with their constant let downs, poor excuses, abusive behaviour or damn right rudeness don’t we?!

These Energy sucking vampires really do have no use in your life and will constantly bring you down to a bad place!

Sack them off and move on from them as believe me after you’ve ditched them you’ll feel so much better for it.

5. Have more sex

It’s a no brainer really, if you can get it then have it as there’s nowt better in life than a bit of bedroom aerobics!

bad-habit-simonandersonfitness.co.uk6. Quit that bad habit

Bad habits are bad habits no matter what they are!

Your bad habit most probably causes you grief, but more than likely it causes those that are close to you more frustration than you will ever know.

In fact, your bad habit might even be be harming them, mentality, physically or even emotionally so do yourself a favour and quit it!

Maybe not today, but schedule a date and get it done!

7. Read more

The benefits of reading are pretty awesome!

Not only can it help to educate you, relax you and enhance your imagination but by keeping your brain active through reading it can help you slow down and even prevent brain degeneration conditions such as Dementia and Alzheimer’s.

Reading to the mind is like exercise to the body!

play-more-simonandersonfitness.co.uk8. Play more

We are all guilty of not doing this, me included!

I hate the fact that I work and don’t spend enough hours playing with my daughter, but I’m working hard to ensure that I have systems in place so that my business works for me and not the other way around.

Playing is great, whether it’s a kick about, play fight or a game on the wii.

Personally I like getting the old board games out, remember them? They were what we used way before flappy bird, candy crush, mobile phones and games consoles.

Why do I like board games so much?

Well you play as a family, you have fun, you use your brain and the interaction with each other is irreplaceable!

9. Plan a holiday

Nothing gives you more to look forward to than a holiday, no matter when or where, the thought of a holiday can put all the mundane, drive you nuts s*** to the back of your mind knowing that for a week or 2 you’re going to escape it all!

Put down a deposit on a holiday, a long weekend or even an overnight stay and let all your troubles slip away knowing that you’re going to slip away on a well deserved vacation.

new-food-simonandersonfitness.co.uk10. Try a new food at least once a month

Food experimentation is a fun way to explore new and sometimes exotic foods.

I try at least 1 new meal on a weekly basis and I get my family to join me with it too. It’s a great way of trying something different.

sometimes we like it, sometimes we don’t but the important bit is that we tried.

After all, you never really know until you try do you.

11. Smile more

“Smile and the world will smile back at you”

What and awesome saying and so very true. Try it today, smile at everyone you walk past and see how many smile back. I bet you will be pleasantly surprised.

Did you know smiling releases neurotransmitters called endorphins. Endorphins are responsible for making us feel happy, and they also helps to lower stress….RESULT!!!

gratitude-simonandersonfitness.co.uk12. Show more gratitude

I think none of us show the gratitude that we should.

Everyday we should feel grateful for being alive, for having friends, family, jobs, our health etc but all these things are unfortunately taken for granted.

What happens one day if we lost one of them? Would you show gratitude for what you have lost?

Live each day with a sense of gratefulness, and why not take up writing a gratitude diary where you note everything you’re grateful for.

Do this at the end of each day and it’ll allow you to head off to bed on an absolute high, that I promise you

13. Ask and commit

You don’t get what you don’t ask for and you sure as hell don’t get anything your not committed too either!

So make a pact with yourself the next time you want some thing, ask yourself for it, write it down and post it somewhere visible and commit to receiving it.

You might just, in fact, I pretty much guarantee you will receive it!

Mens Category 105kg14. Lift weights

Lifting weights whether dumbbell, barbell, kettlebells or simply your own body weight will help you sculpt a lean and toned body.

You’ll raise your metabolic rate allowing you to burn energy/fat more efficiently, you’ll create stronger bones, healthier joints and improve cardiovascular and heart health.

It really is another no brainer.

And you don’t have to lift Olympic champion style weights to see the gains either but just enough to cause a reaction in the muscles is enough to know its working.

15. Supplement

Contrary to all our beliefs, no matter how clean you eat you will always fall short of your recommended allowances of vital vitamins and minerals.

But when it comes to supplements what do you go for as there’s a s*** load out there and some, well it has to be said are crap!

There are a few I recommend as a fitness professional and weight loss specialist

Zinc and magnesium but you need to ensure you go for the options ending with an ‘ate’ for muscle recovery, energy release and improved sleep quality.

Vitamin D for calcium absorption and health bones

Liquid omega-3 fish oil for healthy joints and improved metabolism.

And Lean Greens for all your 5-a day, vitamin and mineral needs, all in 1 daily scoop

Supplementation is the perfect way to safe guard you and your future

conceive-believe-achieve-simonandersonfitness.co.uk16. Conceive, Believe, Achieve

Once that thought is in your mind, believe that you can do it and go and achieve it!

After all, nothing is impossible!

I once read a saying that resonated with me and it went a little something like this “impossible is just saying ‘I’m possible”

17. Ask for help

No one achieved anything on there own.

Sir Alan Sugar didn’t, nor did Richard Branson and I neither did Oprah.

They all had someone behind them helping to pull the strings, someone above them giving them mentoring and someone, somewhere supplying the knowledge, the leads and the products which has helped them to make their names.

Never be afraid to as for help, the person you go to might just be the one that helps you create awesomeness!!!

goal-setting-simonandersonfitness.co.uk18. Set yourself a goal

The very best way to achieve anything is to set yourself a goal. It has to be realistic though as if it’s not the end product can have an adverse effect.

If the goal is quite large, for example you want to lose a stone, work on the basis that if you lost a pound a week you’ll be at you target in 14 weeks.

You can always make the goal posts shorter if needed but always start off with a realistic target to achieve.

19. Learn something new

As the saying goes, it’s never too late to teach and old dog new tricks, well it goes something like that anyway.

Not that I’m saying you’re an old dog or anything either, haha!

Learn something new, expand your knowledge and add a new feather to your bow as it might just open a brand new window of opportunity for you

soar-with-eagles-simonandersonfitness.co.uk20. Surround yourself with greatness

I live by a great saying,

“You’ll never soar with eagles whilst hanging with turkey’s”

Simply meaning, you’ll only be as good as the company you keep.

Surround yourself with the people you aspire to be like, and that is who you shall become

21. Take more you time

Who’s the person we most neglect?

You got it…Ourselves!

Take some time, even if it’s only 10 minutes a day to do exactly what you want to do!

Read, take a bath, pamper yourself, lock yourself away with a bar of chocolate (not everyday though, haha) and make the most of every second you have to yourself

laziness-simonandersonfitness.co.uk22. Move more

Too many people take the easier and lazier option, hence another reason why we are getting a fatter and I healthier nation.

Get your arse off the sofa, put down the remote control and put one foot in front of the other

Do this simple step more and more often and you will become fitter, your waist will most likely get smaller and your health will become greater

Drive less walk more, sit less move more, go swimming, cycle, take the stairs but what ever you do, make sure you become more active and with a bit of luck it’ll make that final car drive a even greater distant thought!

23. Keep a positivity diary

We spend too much time dwelling on what has gone wrong in the past.

Yet all the positives, no matter how big or small seem to get forgotten.

Why not record your positives on a daily basis, in the evening before bed then when ever you feel life is plotting against you you can look back and see all the great stuff you’ve achieved

meditate-simonandersonfitness.co.uk24. Meditate

Meditation is a great way to take some extra you time, to focus and to define what truly matters to you and your life.

Amongst many other benefits meditation can increase immunity, balance emotions, increase fertility, relieve IBS, lower blood pressure, lower inflammation and bring on a calmness unrivalled by anything else

Pretty impressive hey?!

25. Drink more water

The brain consists of 90% water, the blood 83% and the muscles 75% so water is an essential element to our very own make up.

And a mere drop of 2% in your water levels can bring on the early signs of dehydration

But did you know, you can go up to 3 months without food before the inevitable but as little as a day without water

These are the extremes though

Day to day benefits of drinking water, other than keeping us alive are, detoxification, increased metabolism, joint and organ protection, healthy skin and heart, improved productivity and the prevention of constipation

Drink at least 2 litres of water per day or more ideally, 1 litre per 50lb of weight

to-do-list-simonandersonfitness.co.uk26. Rip up the to do list

Does your to do list ever get done?

I’ll tell you mine NEVER does! I complete 1 thing them add on 3, kinda sucks really!

Here’s what I do now, I decide on the 3 most important things I want to achieve the next day, I write them down and commit myself to doing them, and get them DONE!

Once completed I note it in my positivity diary and if I can achieve more that day, I start on the next thing.

Try it and I bet you get tonnes more achieved!

27. Spend more time with the ones you love

I really struggled to think of a better way to finish this post than saying to spend more time with those that you cherish.

After all, that’s what life is about isn’t it?

You can sod your money and success as to me that all means diddly squat without a family!

As I believe a rich man is a man who has the love and time of his family and a successful man is one who has the ability to raises a family

By the way, that’s me and my family below and I have to say, I love them all to bits


Well there you go my dear friend

27 ways for you to kick Ass this year. You might not achieve all, but if only 1 helps you to create a little of your own awesomeness then this blog will have been a success!

And before you go remember

“love to live and live for love”

Dedicated to your health and fitness

Simon ‘still loving awesomeness’ Anderson

P.s If you loved reading this post then please click one of the share icons so your friends can enjoy it too. And before you go, why not leave a comment as I just love comments!

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