Action Taker, Time Waster Or Ask Hole?

bad-idea-you-have-big-time-waster-i-now-haveIn the 35 years of being Simon Anderson I’ve met and spoken to many a person and I have began to associate them all in to 3 categories.

The action taker, the time waster and the ask hole.

Sounds like the title for a crap made for tv movie doesn’t it!!!

Believe me when I say though, this isn’t a health and fitness characteristic or something that I see through my business or even my clients, it’s something we all can observe from every day people from all walks of life.

You see everyone has one of these characteristics, including myself!

Jeez, some even possess more than 1 and in today’s blog post I am going to use some of my very own experiences involving these very types.

Now Later ImageSo first up we have the action taker, these dudes I have maximum respect for.

These are the types that have a goal to achieve and go for it. They make decisions, they live in the now, not the later and they take no prisoners along the way as they sweep relentlessly towards their own winning line with failure NOT being an option. This is the very trait that I love to see from my clients, though to me all of them are action takers and have been from the very moment that they signed up to train with me.

Second up we have the time waster.

Now these guys are a pain in the butt to us all!!

They are the ones that say they’re gonna show then don’t. They say they’ve got your back then haven’t and say they want change but do nothing about it expecting things to simply happen somewhat miraculously over night.

Man these guys just drive me bloody nuts!

Hey, I don’t care too much if they waste their own time, that’s really their own loss but wasting mine is something I completely dislike and I would distance myself from anyone that does so!

Time wasting truly bugs me and I bet it does you too right?!

And with that said it brings me sweetly on to the last of the 3 categories and the one that personally grates me the most….The Ask Hole!!!

You see an ask hole is someone that comes to you, not just once but repeatedly for advice, but ignores what you say only to do something completely different, in fact sometimes they do the exact opposite!

WTFI mean, what the f*** is that all about?

They want advice and seek it from those that know only to do get it and do the opposite….would you do that with the docs? Shit no! So why do they do it anywhere else!

I have to say I dislike these the most as I don’t really have much time for time wasters, has any of us? But these guys go a step further than the regular time waster as not only do they waste time, they also waste knowledge too.

You see I want to help as many people as I can and I will bend over backwards in order to do so, this is why it bothers me so damn much!

And to add insult to injury

They then return after ignoring your previous advice and following their own misguided approach towards failure and ask the same frickin’ question over and over again….

Surely you have experienced the same kind of person in the past, maybe with a friend about their partner or a job they hate? They ask for your advice about the situation but then return the next day, week, month, still in the exact same predicament and still asking the very same question after ignoring every single word you’ve said.

Frustrating isn’t it?!

It’s almost like ground hog day with them except that they just NEVER learn!!

So you might be reading this and are not sure which of these categories you fall in, if so then here is some advice for you to follow so that you can become the very best you.

If you want to get a result, make a decision, GET IT DONE and become that ACTION TAKER!!!


Don’t be a time waster as time wasters end up with nothing more than wasted time.

Instead challenge yourself to do something and achieve it, if you’re meant to meet someone then meet them and if you say you have someone’s back then be there every single time they need you! Become that Action Taker.

And lastly


If you ask for advice from someone that knows then take it. If you don’t agree with it then say, If that advice doesn’t work for you then let them know but until then if you’ve not tried it or you’ve ignored it and followed a different path then quit keep asking the same question as people will soon become tired of trying to answer it for you if you’re simply not going to listen to them!

With that said I am out of here….peace out guys and I’ll see you in the next blog post.

Dedicated to your health and fitness

Simon ‘getting it off my chest’ Anderson

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