Get Mum’s Fit Project

Welcome to the home of the Get Mum’s Fit Project, Salisbury’s only fitness camp for new and stay at home mums

The Get Mums Fit Project is a health based fitness and nutritional program designed specifically to help busy Mum’s just like you to become fitter, faster, stronger and leaner.

> Are you frustrated about your weight?

> Unhappy with your post pregnancy body shape or size?

> Fed up of having zero energy and no confidence?

> Struggling to find the time to exercise effectively with your busy Mum schedule?

> Feeling fat and sluggish?

>And desperate to rock those pre-pregnancy clothes once more?

Then the Get Mum’s Fit Project promises to be the health based weight loss solution for busy mum’s just like you!

This 28 day ‘non military’ buggy friendly bootcamp style program is Salisbury’s only guaranteed results or your money back fitness camp that allows you to train as your little ones with you or escape too once the elder ones are safely packed off to nursery.

If you are a Mum, whether you are still breast feeding or not then here at Simon Anderson fitness Training there is a plan for you that will see you hit all your health, fitness and weight loss goals and be rocking those pre-pregnancy clothes sooner than expected

As the Get Mum’s Fit Project has been exclusively designed for fast and effective weight loss with all the benefits that personal training has to offer…

But at a fraction of the price

 And by training in a group with like minded mum’s you will experience unbelievable increases in motivation from a warm, friendly and fun atmosphere!

I lost a stone and a jean size

photoThe bootcamp is the most fun and pain I’ve felt at the same time since I was a teenager…. Simon is great fun and a brilliant motivator. I love being in nature so being outdoors is even better. The routines are always new, so we never know what we are doing until we get there. Just going for the month has enabled me to drop a dress size, a stone and 15 inches of body fat….. I feel more relaxed with my kids and have the energy I need to keep up with the demands of a busy life… I would recommend doing this to anyone… much fun and all the ladies are a laugh.

Louisa Tanner – Mum of 2

How will this program benefit you?

Learn exactly how you can exercise smarter, drop a jean size in as little as 3 weeks and get into your best shape of your life within a group of like-minded, motivated and supportive Mum’s just like you.

Discover once and for all how you can double your energy levels and improve sleep quality through exercise, the correct food choices and some easy to implement lifestyle changes.

Experience a programme that is designed to help you rid yourself of stubborn and hard to target body fat in a safe and effective manner and give you all the tools you need to keep the weight off FOREVER!

Transform your physique and with a flatter tummy, a firmer more toned butt, leaner thighs, and no more wobbly ‘bingo wings’ in as little as 1- 3 months with an increased self confidence as you achieve each and every goal you set.

I lost 11lb in 5 weeks

“I’ve never been one of these “naturally slim girls” who can eat anything they want!! So just like the rest of us, I have to include some form of fitness into my life. Trust me when I say that the thought of slaving away in the gym, only give up after a week was something I never ever enjoyed and had tried a number of times!!! I needed something that I could see worked (and without taking years to get there). So when I heard of the Energise Fitness Camp, I thought it wouldn’t hurt to give it a go!! And I’m so glad I did. I’ve loved every moment (yes I did say loved!!). Being in a group with Simon has given me the encouragement, support and results I needed. I lost 11.5 lbs and 9.5inches over 5 weeks following Simon’s meal plan. We all have fun doing what we hate in life, and have met some lovely people along the way too. I’ve enjoyed the program so much that I’m signing up again!!! No one can make you do anything in life but if you are like me and need the help and support then the Energise Fitness Camp is definitely for you.”

Tracey, Mum of 1

At the Get Mum’s fit Project you will discover all the secrets of how to burn unbelievable amounts of ugly and unwanted body fat away with ease from those stubborn to get areas such as the belly, thighs and butt and even those hard to target triceps….and learn how to keep it off FOREVER!!!

But not only that, this is what else you can expect

> Say goodbye to those endless, boring and time consuming gym sessions

> Suffer no more with feeling fat or bloated whilst actually been able to eat more

> Have no more fear of wearing what you want, when you want

> See visible results fast with clothes sizes being dropped in as little as 3 weeks!

> Gain massive increases in both energy and confidence

> Feel fuller for longer and more satisfied

> Banish hunger pangs and eliminate cravings

> Witness dramatic improvements in your health

> Look and feel AWESOME!!

And YES, I truly mean that….You will look and feel AWESOME!!!

The Simon Anderson Fitness Training Promise to

And such is my confidence and belief in this program working for you, I have added in a 100% money back guarantee* to it so that if you do not drop at least one jean size in your first 28 days training with me and following the plan to the letter, I will refund you your investment back in full…RESULT!!!!

Included in the Get Mum’s Fit Project package

> Up to 12 group training sessions per program

> Full nutritional support through my Proven & Effective Fat Loss Acceleration plan **

> Copies of both my 90 recipe Eat Clean, Get Lean cook books

> Access to the Members Only Facebook support and motivational group

> 1 x 15 minute Coaching call per week with myself for extra support

Why Not come and join us for a week of free training?

The Get Mums Fit Project would like to welcome you to come along and join us for an absolutely free, ‘no strings attached’ 14 day free trial to experience exactly how you can drop a jean size in just 28 days!

The 14 day trial comes complete with your very own welcome pack, optional 7 Day nutrition plan and up to 6 high intensity, fat melting workouts that will can help you lose up to 11lb in just your first 2 weeks!

And if you decide that after the week that you are ready to continue on your adventure to a fitter, faster, stronger and leaner you, then all you have to do is simply sign up to join us for the rest of 4 week program and continue on your EPIC journey of weight loss, increased health and limitless energy levels.

And believe me, when you witness the results first hand you will want to become our latest crew member

I lost 2 stone and 2 jean sizes in just 2 months


 “After years of being overweight and trying gyms, diets and all types of exercise I contacted Simon Anderson. From the very first e-mail I felt that this was going to be the start of the new me. Simon has been supportive and passionate about his Fitness camp and his enthusiasm is contagious. In the 9 weeks I’ve been going to the Energise Fitness Camp, I have lost 1 stone 12 pounds and a staggering 34 inches. I’ve gone from wearing size 18/20 clothes to a loose size 16 and I couldn’t be happier. I still have a long way to go but I plan to keep going and get the body I dream about. Simon has not only pushed me to do exercise that I use to have nightmares about but has educated me about food and that’s not only helped me but it has created a healthy lifestyle for my husband and two young daughters. So if you want to get fit and have a giggle and are not afraid of a bit of hard work then look no further as Simon “Burpee” Anderson will get you results!!!”

Sam, Full time child carer, wife and Mum of 2

Sessions times and location

At the Get Mums Fit Project we train up to 3 times a week, 9.45-10.30am

 Monday – Fitness Camp – Victoria Park, Castle Road

Tuesday – Circuits – Victoria Park, Castle Road

Thursday – Kettlebells – Victoria Park, Castle Road


To register for your place and join me for your 14 day trial simply pop your details into the application box provided below then wait to receive all your start up information.

And to check out our Privacy Policy please click HERE

Thank you for taking the time to check out my Get Mums Fit Project and I look forward to welcoming you on board and helping you to begin your journey to a new, fitter, faster, stronger and leaner you should you choose to join us!

And besides, you have nothing to lose… except a jean size!

Dedicated to your health and fitness

Simon ‘helping mum’s get flatter tums’ Anderson

* The Money Back Guarantee is only available when purchasing the full 28 day, 3 sessions a week program along with following the nutritional protocols

** Though some of the principles of my Fat Loss Acceleration Plan can be followed by breastfeeding Mum’s, it is best advised to notify me before starting any nutritional plan as calorie intakes must be monitored and kept to a higher level to maintain adequate milk production and ultimately the wellbeing of any breastfeeding babies.


Any Mum’s looking to register for this program need to have consulted their GP/Midwife prior to joining to ensure they are at an appropriate level of health and fitness to commence. Any Mum’s that have been diagnosed with DR (Diastis Recti or Abdominal separation) are advised to not take part in this program

Simon Anderson Fitness Training presents the Get Mum’s Fit Project, Salisbury’s only guaranteed results or your money back fitness camp for Mum’s

14 Day Trial Membership Pass, Book Yours Today

14 Day Trial Membership Pass, Book Yours Today

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