Have You Ever?

photo (1)Rather a strange question for you today but in all your days have you even seen an obese animal?

Now I’ve seen many an animal documentary, (I love all that sir David Attenborough’s stuff) and I’ve been to my fair share of zoo’s too but I’ve never bared witness to an overweight wild animal

Not even a slightly chubby one for that matter

Well, saying that I may have lied a wee bit their as I have seen a few overweight animals but unfortunately they’ve all been of the domesticated kind.

I’m sure you might have seen the old fat cat, flabby flopsie the big bellied bunny or the mutt with the chunky butt haven’t you?

You see this only happens as the animal is given food that is pretty unnatural to it

I’m talking processed tinned meats, biscuits and even pet treats

In the wild all animals would’ve had to hunt and forage for their foods

They would’ve had to travel or keep on the move in order to stay fed and to stay warm

They eat when and what they needed too, gorging when food was in abundance and then fasting when the food was unavailable

But they would keep living and keep moving until their next meal comes along

This my friend is nature

Can you imagine what sort of state nature would be in if you tampered with their meals and fed them foods unnatural to them?

fat-giraffe-animal-humor-680103_261_380Would the Great White be such a feared predator?

Would the Tiger be so stealthy?

And would we face a different looking and not so graceful gazelle?

All you have to do is imagine…..

You see that’s what has happened to us humans

We used to hunt, we used to move, we used to forage and we used to live better

Up until around 10,000 years ago when agriculture became the norm

People then settled

Crops began to be harvested

Technology became greater

We became lazier…..

We became fatter!

Just like some of our domesticated pets have

They no longer need to move, in fact some only do when they are taken out by their owners

And they no longer need to hunt as it’s right their for them on a plate

Same place, same time, a pile of unnatural feed that is going to alter their make up

Just like it has us

We are no longer the lean warriors that roamed the lands hunting foraging, feeding and fasting

We have now become a race of greed, gluttony and laziness

Now you might think I’m being harsh

But am I?

The world is becoming a fatter place with obesity on the rise

The UK is now the fattest country in Europe

The statistics say that the standard body size has now become overweight 🙁

And is it any wonder when we are surrounded with so many poor food choices?

Man they are everywhere and they have caused our eating habits to change

In fact our mind sets have been changed too as we believe these foods to be the norm

That they are actually good for us!

And with food manufacturers openly lying to us you can see why so many believe their myths and lies can’t you

Anyway my point is, if you change an animals food supply you are going to change the animal

I sure hope that what agriculture, technology and industry has done to us humans doesn’t ever do the same to nature

Can you really imagine the joy of going to a fat farm full of sluggish mammals loping around

Or watching planet fat with Sir David Attenborough where he seeks out overweight animals that don’t really do a lot

Doesn’t sound that entertaining does it

Well to me it doesn’t to me

He's-Loving-ItBut then it doesn’t entertain me either seeing my fellow humans do this to themselves either


Hence why I’m so passionate about my job

Helping people to change their mind set about what they put in their mouths

Changing their diets to a cleaner and leaner way of eating

Altering their lives so that they can live longer, healthier and leaner

After all it’s not hard

In fact it’s piss easy really

You just live they way our hunter-gather ancestors lived

Haha, I’m not meaning to go live in a cave and hunt the neighbourhood cats for food here though

I’m meaning eating cleaner, drinking more water, stressing  less, sleeping more, moving more, lifting something heavy now and again and sprinting once in a while

Do this and you will reap the benefits

You will become like your natures counterparts, lean, agile, healthy, full of energy and content!

21_day_coverTo help you out I’ve put together a 21 day detoxification challenge that you can take up today.

Check out the 21 Day Detox Challenge HERE

I guarantee that by taking part in this challenge you will see instant health benefits as well as seeing a healthy weight loss by the end of the 21st day

Follow the plan to the letter and do the workouts provided and you could even see yourself slipping into a pair of jeans a size smaller by the end of the challenge too

Now wouldn’t that be awesome?!

Simon ‘One With Nature’ Anderson

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Many thanks

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