Have You Ever Asked Yourself This?

I was out driving the other day and I got myself thinking

How many people have asked themselves these very same questions

who-am-i-simonandersonfitness.co.ukDo I really know who I am?

And equally as important

Do I know what I want to be remembered for?

I was faced with these 2 questions some time ago now and it helped shape my future

You see, when I set out at the beginning of my journey to become a fitpro I wanted to be the all singing all dancing fitness instructor

I wanted to offer a full program of classes

Spin, circuits, body combat, pump, aerobics, Pilates and so on

But then reality struck

How could I be truly great at one thing when I was too busy trying to be a good at so many

As no one was ever remembered for being great at everything, they were known for being truly awesome at just one thing

Einstein, Lincoln, Columbus, Jackson, Moore

All remembered for a life that brought something to someone else

Invention, discovery, entertainment….

So I asked myself those all Important questions and I began to reevaluated who I was and the goal that I aimed to fulfil in my days as fitpro

This is when I decided to pursue a path of helping people to lose weight, increase their health, improve their confidence and live a better and longer life through better ways to exercise and making better choices with their food and lifestyles

I mean, what’s better than being remembered than the one that helped transform the body’s and changing the lives of many?!

Well that’s what I hope happens when my days are numbered anyway

But I hope though that that is a very long, long time away from now when I’m older and have more grey hairs and when I’ve seen my now baby girl grow and have babies of her own too

are-you-happy-simonandersonfitness.co.ukNow I want to see you start a new journey today

I want you to ask yourself these 3 questions:

* Are you happy being you?

* Do you want to be remembered for what you achieved so far?

* Could you be a better version of what you have become?

Now I’m no miracle worker and cannot help you with everything you might desire to change or become

But say you’re unhappy with your health, body shape, fitness level, confidence or weight

So if you really don’t want to be remembered as the one that was always ill, that could never keep up, that fat one or the quiet one that never said boo to a goose then I can help you

And with your permission I damn well WILL help you too

I’m going to kickstart the new and improved you and set you on a journey that WILL be remembered

As I have an opportunity coming up for you to join me on my next 21 Day Detox Challenge

A challenge that could help you drop up to 10lb of excess weight or a jean size in just 3 weeks

Starting the 1st Monday of every month I will help you to increase your health, improve your digestion, elevate your moods, get better quality better sleep, lose weight and double your energy levels.

21_day_cover_mockAll with the help of my 21 Day Detox Challenge manual, some carefully put together recipes and some metabolism boosting, fat melting workouts that you can do at home, in the park or at the gym, in fact pretty much anywhere really

There is 1 small snag though, but only in that the program is limited to just 50 spaces

But there is good news though and that is that you still time to register for your place

And as a valued blog reader I’m offering it to you first before I really ramp up the marketing on this unique weight loss tool and offer it to the millions via Facebook

Oh and not forgetting that its amazingly priced too

So go and check it out now simply by clicking the manual image to see the full list of details and amazing benefits

Oh and I’m pretty sure you’ll then be chomping at the bit to join me in the closed Facebook group when the 21 day detox finally begins

Looking forward to seeing you there

Dedicated to your health and fitness

Simon ‘knowing me, knowing you’ Anderson

P.s if you enjoyed reading then I would be honoured if you shared it with your friends and before you please feel free to leave a comment as I love comments

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