I F****D UP!!!!

Hands Up lmageYep it’s true and I hold my hands up to it….I well and truly f****d up!

You see I’m not always the high and mighty health and fitness Coach.

Sometimes I’m just a regular Joe

A regular Joe that makes mistakes just like everyone else, and this time it was with my own nutrition.

Shock horror, a weight loss expert making a food mistake!!! Whatever next!

I'm Only HumanWell I’m only human after all!

You see I was at Butt’lins last week and I let things slip!

I did my very best to eat as best as I could but the options were just not there!

I had to eat what was on offer and with some days being busy going from one thing to the other we had to eat on the run and on one day in particular it was pretty horrific!

On this one particularly horrific day I got up and started the day as best as I could with a fruit salad, some not too spectacular yogurt and some granola sprinkled on top but it was from there on that it went pretty tits up!

After a busy morning with the kids doing events and with me and my partner doing what we could, when we could in between our baby’s sleeps and feeds we finally made it for lunch with Burger King being the place and the Whooper being the choice….

bloatedBig mistake!!!

Though at the time I did quite enjoy it! But don’t tell anyone!

You see I bloated! And I stayed bloated for about 5 hours!

And I didn’t feel hunger, in fact none of us did do we just continued with our day.

So the hours passed by as we enjoyed the delights that Butlins had to offer.

Afternoon moved into evening and still no hunger.

The kids went off as me and Zoe went up to watch the Jacksons tribute act, I’m not sure why though as these guys were awful making me finally forget my Burger King ordeal.

So as the show passed and ended we then headed off to separate the kids from the pull that was the arcade machines and headed for the next show….

Super Slam wrestling!!!

Read my thoughts on that in my last blog post ‘Man Hugs And Waxy Fingers’.

As we trudged through the crowds their was still no hunger, d’oh!

What had this Burger King done to us all?! What the hell was in it to clog us up sooooo damn much?!

Well the inevitable happened shortly after this thought as I was somewhat NOT engrossed in the wrestling.

Oiled up fakes hugging each other really didn’t float my boat you see!

But the kids were amused, for a while anyway until they saw through the falseness anyway!

So Zoe and baby had left after a short while through tiredness and baby feed time, I think boredom too but she didn’t admit that though.

And that’s when it struck us all the stomach gurgles told us it was feeding time!

Shocked CartoonAs we left the wrestling somewhere around 9.30 me and the kids looked for somewhere to grab some food to take home, that was our only option as our family was half there and half at the apartment.

We had 2 options available, we had whatever was left on the shelves in the Spar to our left and Papa Johns to the right!

Either way I wasn’t happy but I knew I would rather have something freshly made rather than something packages and on the shelf all day.

So Papa Johns it was……

Enter Second mistake and where I truly F****D UP!!!

I knew I had from the moment I made the choice.

To cut a long story short the days food gave me what I would like to call a food hangover!

I woke the next morning already feeling stressed as my body had been working over time through the night to digest the horrific mass of fats, carbs and calories.

My mouth felt like Gandhi’s flip flop from the huge intake of salt and my belly felt like it was on the waltzers!!!

Feeling RoughMan I felt rough!

Self induced though and I can’t blame anyone but myself!

That day after 4 visits to the loo, shit loads of water, a trip to Morrison’s and some much better food choices I began to feel more like myself!

‘Thank F**k for that I thought!!’

The moral of my story is that ‘if you eat CRAP, you will feel CRAP!!!!’

Pick your nutrition wisely as the right foods and drinks will help balance your hormones, improve digestion, give you more energy, enhance your sleep and make gaining weight a thing of the past!

And best of all eating lean and clean foods has been proven to decrease your risk of all life threatening conditions such as cancers, heart disease, type 2 diabetes and obesity.

Unsure how to eat lean and clean?

Then download my FREE 7 Day Belly Blaster nutrition plan either down the sidebar or at the bottom of the page if using mobile technology and see how easy it is to make a small lifestyle change that will give you massive rewards.

Dedicated to your health and fitness

Simon ‘oops’ Anderson

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One comment on “I F****D UP!!!!
  1. Bex says:

    Argh Mr A.n.d.e.r.son
    (said in the ‘Matrix style)

    Contrary to belief ‘ We Fitness Experts do have down time’

    Love your Blogs buddy, this one made me smile 🙂

    I shared you on my Business Page…

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