Is Your Bucket Full

Bucket-full-of-rocksI came across an amazing story the other day that really opened my eyes to a few things.

In fact, it has made me make a few changes to my life and helped to irradiate a few of my most common, used far too often excuses that I use almost daily.

Well ‘used to’ from that moment on anyways

And I liked the story so much I thought I would share it with you too

You know, share the wealth and all 🙂

This story is about a science teacher demonstrating the bucket of rocks theory to his students

You can stop reading here if you’ve already heard it but if not then keep reading as it might just help you out in the future

And of course there’s always a moral to the story too, no hard sale just educational brain food

So here goes, are you sitting comfortably?

One day a science teacher places a clear bucket on the classroom table and proceeds to fill it with large rocks

Once filled to the top he asks the students if they thought that the bucket was full

The resounding answer from all was ‘YES’

With that the teacher then pulled out a bag of shingles and proceeded to pour that into the bucket and watched it mingle between the large rocks until it reached the top

Again he asked the students ‘is the bucket full now?’

This time the students hesitated slightly before answer an unsure ‘yes’

The teacher then smiled contently to himself before producing a bag of sand and began to pour that into the bucket too

As it again reached the top the teachers smile became larger

unsure-imageThis time though, instead of asking the students he simply stood there and simply stated

‘Now the bucket is full!’

The students, well they just sat there nodding there heads in unison knowingly that their teacher had put one over them there

The moral of this story is that the bucket is never as full as it can be

There is always more to be squeezed in if you manage it right

Kind of like our days really

Our days are the bucket

our hours are the rocks,

the shingles are our minutes

And of course….

Our seconds are the sand

You see if out days are managed correctly then there’s no excuses that we didn’t have the time

I’m too busy to go to the gym

I haven’t the time to train

There’s not enough hours in the day to get that done

photoAll excuses I’m afraid

As if it was important you would get it done


And guess what….

Your health IS important!!

So plan ahead a little and train wiser

If you cannot make an hour at the gym, do a workout at home

Split the hour into 2x 30 minute workouts over 2 days

Go for a early morning run before work

Walk more

Move more

It really is that simple

So stop thinking your bucket is too full and that your day is all about the big rocks as it’s the shingles and the sand that really make a real difference

Master that and you will have time for everything you need….including your health

Dedicated to your health and fitness

Simon ‘Full of it….bucket of course’ Anderson

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As I know, you have the time 🙂

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Simon Anderson Fitness Training, salisbury

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