Is Your Diet Working?

Firstly please let me say how much I hate the word diet!

I hate it as it seems these days to be used more than ever with anyone who thinks they know the slightest thing about nutrition coming out with a new “this is the best diet yet” claim.

veterinarian diet imageYou see, out there at the moment you have the likes of the Paleo, Atkins, Cambridge, Velocity, Soup, Cabbage, Juice amongst like a gazillion other weight loss diets. Then there’s weight watchers, there’s slimming world and now popping up everywhere too is the drink a shake, meal replacement diets as well.

Don’t get me wrong here, I’m not saying all these are bad, I’m simply saying not all of them are that good.

And I hate to say it too but I’m pretty sure that if someone invented the ‘eat your own s*** diet’ that some crazy fool would follow it too in their quest to lose weight!

If The truth were to be known though, the true definition of the word diet means ‘the kinds of food that a person, animal, or community habitually eat’ so with that said it seems that WE are all on a diet!

The only thing that differs from one diet to the next is it if its a good diet or a bad one!

A good diet therefore leading to a healthy, happy person and a bad diet leading to an overweight and unhealthy one.

That really wasn’t rocket science though was it?!

But with so much unhealthy food being available nowadays and with all the clever and constant marketing for it, it seems like our diets are only getting worse with every passing day.

To back up this theory I only have to state that the UK has now been appointed the fattest country on Europe and the standard body size has now become overweight.


Still from India's Supersize Kids: woman and overweight boyAnd then we see it everyday on the tv, I’m sure you’ve all seen or heard of program’s such as the biggest loser, FAT – the fight of my life, super sized and other shows where people were simply too fat to leave there houses? I watched a program the other night called supersized India, You’re killing my kid on BB2, did you catch it too? It featured an Indian lad of just 12 and weighing over 17 stone who was given a gastric band! This lad was unable to play like other kids, he was bullied for having man boobs and also had tried to kill himself and  he was ONLY 12! I personally don’t believe surgery like that should be done for kids and I really do not believe it to be the solution but hey if it works then it cannot be bad right? Well on this occasion it didn’t work and the lad continued to gain weight purely through a BAD diet and lack of exercise. Another person refused to help her 20 year old son who weighed in at over 120 kilo’s saying that she knew best for him as she believed the doctors were only pointing out facts to scare her into giving them money! Surely if you child was overweight, in bad health and on a downward spiral to a shortened life you would do anything for them right?

I know I would!

A pretty sad couple of stories though hey?!

So with the UK and indeed most of the world gaining weight at an alarming rate through bad diet it is no wonder that everyone is looking for the next quick fix to solve there own weight issues.

Now with so many people needing these products it’s only time that someone will jump on the band wagon to exploit it to make some ‘cash’ out of it.

low fat crap imageHey, it worked for the food industry didn’t it! When the flawed concept that fat makes you fat came out they soon exploited it by introducing the no fat/low fat/diet products in which they remove the fat but then replace that fat with added sugars and chemicals to enhance the taste and texture of the product so it still remains appealing to the customer. The problem being though, these additives are now even more damaging for you, your health and your waistline than the products removed in the first place!


I guess though when you look at myself and any other fitness professional we are all kind of exploiting people too aren’t we?!

Man, we need overweight people like undertakers need the dead!

The difference between myself, undertakers and the real exploiters though is that we provide a service that is needed, yes we are in it for the money, damn we all need money don’t we but we do it out of the need of others and not greed!

Personally I do it as I am passionate about it and if I really could do it for free, I would!

You see, my family apart and my gorgeous daughter apart, there’s nothing more important for me than seeing a client drop a jean size, manage their first full press up or smash their run times.

I love studying nutrition, I love putting together kick ass workouts and I sure as hell love helping people achieve their goals!

make-money-doing-what-you-loveI love my job!

I want to help heal the world, I’m not going too though, I doubt I could even heal my hometown of Salisbury of weight issues as the food industry monster is just too big too take on alone. But what I will do though is do my very best to help each and every client that approaches me to become the very best that they can be.

Oops, went a little off track their!

Anyhow, back to diets.

A diet is what you put in your mouth on a daily basis.

Too many calories, especially empty calories in and you will gain weight. Too little calories and you’ll lose weight.

It really is all about the balance of calories in, to what you burn. So if you’re eating more than you burn you’ll gain, eating less than you burn you’ll lose….

Sounds pretty simple right?

That’s why these companies come out with all these diets to make it seem that simple but really it’s not.

Well, loosing weight can be quite easy, but doing it right and maintaining weight is a different story altogether!

homer_dohYou see to truly gain from your diet it has to be something manageable. Something you can continue with and something that fits into your life with ease and no disruption.

For instance, you go on a strict calorie diet, drop some pounds then come off of it, what happens to your diet then? Simples you carry on eating as you were before losing weight and hey presto the weight goes back on, but this time though, the scales might even go up a little too, d’oh!

This happens all the time, I call it the carrier fat bag theory which I will cover in a later post.

So to get the very best out of your diet you need something that works for you, something you can sustain not just for a week or a month but a lifetime. This is why I myself and my clients follow the elimination protocols. This means eliminating alcohol, refined sugar, processed foods, wheat/gluten, caffeine and limiting dairy for 28 day before following a more relaxed 80/20 version of the plan. And no it’s no fad diet like most of the rest out there, this is a proven system for weight loss and management that is followed by some of the top trainers in the world. In fact this diet is more of a way of living and not only does it help with weight loss it has even been proven to increase health with one subject reversing cancer through diet alone!


To lose weight and keep the weight off it takes a lifestyle change. This means eating right, drinking right, getting adequate sleep, rest and recovery time, exercising and supplementing.

It is no easy thing though making lifestyle changes, and believe me it takes a lot of dedication too, but once grasped it can lead to a long list of benefits. Better health and digestion, increased energy, better quality sleep, no more bloating, decreased hunger and cravings, decreased risk of life threatening conditions like heart disease, cancer, diabetes and obesity as well as some lesser but still life changing conditions such as Alzheimer’s, fibroglycemia and arthritis, and of course, a leaner you!

7dayBellyBlasterIf you would like to see how changing the way you eat and drink can change you for the better then why not download my FREE 7 Day Belly Blaster nutrition plan. You can find the download form on the right of your screen or at the bottom of your page if you’re using a mobile device.

Simply pop in your name and email and it will be sent to you, it’s that simple!

Thank you for reading my post, if you enjoyed it then I would be honoured if you would leave a comment or click one of the social media buttons and share it with your friends.

Dedicated to your health and fitness

Simon ‘heel the world’ Anderson

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