Man Hugs And Waxy Hands

Oh, er’ missus….

Sounds kinda kinky hey?!

So last week I was at Butlins, or Butt’lins if you’ve been reading my last couple of blogs.

Well a couple of things happened whilst I was there, 1 that truly disappointed me and 1 that even though it wasn’t that exciting, was pretty cool.

cartman_lame-1046And I have to admit the second one that made me retract my words as I did think to myself ‘really, that’s going to be pretty lame isn’t it?’

So here’s how the story goes…

It was Saturday evening and me, Zoe and our sleeping Annabella were watching the Jacksons tribute at Centre Stage, they were diabolical and absolutely murdered every single Micheal, Janet and Jackson 5 song.

This did disappoint me but not overly as lets face it, anyone trying to cover MJ himself is going to do a pretty piss poor job aren’t they!

At the time the kids were off doing an arts and crafts session and were going to meet us there when done before we headed to the REDS to watch some Super Slam wrestling….


Summer my near to step daughter was pretty excited to see this as she’s a bit of a Tomboy and has recently started karate so not at all worried about some grown men beating each other up!

Wrestling at ButlinsHowever, after about 30 minutes of watching 6 muscle bound, oil covered fakes jump around and shout at each in between lot’s of hug, fake elbows and chucking each other round a mini sized ring, Summer looked up at me and said ‘I’ve seen enough, can we go now?’

I’m pretty glad really as these guys were as bad of actors as I had ever seen and I HATE bad acting!!!

You see Summer had seen the falseness about it too leaving a look of sadness on her face.

I was gutted for her as she had really been looking forward to it too and we already had a temper tantrum earlier about potentially missing it.

Kids hey?!

So off we trudged home discussing it as we made our way back to our apartment. Her stating the obvious ‘that it just wasn’t wrestling’ with me retorting, ‘nah, more like a damn pantomime, haha’!

All that was missing was Widow Twankey!

DisappointedShe was so disappointed though. bless her!

And I was disappointed for her too.

First Lesson:

Life is always going to throw disappointments at you but it’s how you recover from them that count. Next time you suffer a disappointment, use it to motivate you but NEVER let it engulf you or you are as good as beaten!

I see this almost every week with my fitness camp on weigh in days.  Sometimes when someone records a low loss they are clearly disappointed. I don’t know why as a loss at the end of the day is still a loss right?

But if they feel they didn’t do as good as they could they should then use that disappointment to motivate themselves to push harder the next week in the training, to stick closer to the nutrition or to seek advice as maybe, as it does happen sometimes the plan needs a tweak or 2.

Well I was pleased that the disappointment soon went for Summer as we spoke of the great things we had planned for the next day.

See a positive after a negative always works!

The second thing that happened last week was one that surprised me. You see the kids wanted to get their hands waxed.

Ever heard of it? Nah, me neither!

photoWell what they do is use water and wax to make a wax cask of the hand doing whatever you decide that hand to do. They then dip it in colours of your choice and then decorate it with coloured wax stripes.

I thought boring until I actually saw it with my own eyes but the finished article was pretty damn cool if you ask me.

Check out the pics, what do you think?

Second Lesson:

Don’t dismiss something before you’ve seen or tried it. Kind of like don’t judge a book by its cover really but I didn’t want to rip that off, hehe!

7dayBellyBlasterThis is why I offer a weeks FREE training at the Energise Fitness Camp and a FREE downloadable 7 Day Nutrition plan so everyone can try what I do absolutely RISK free.

And if you like the results then you can take the step to the next level and if you don’t like it, you’ve at least tried it.

To download your free nutritional plan or claim your free trial week simply click on one of the links in the sidebar or at the bottom of your page if you’re on a mobile device, it’s that simple!

Thank you for reading today’s blog post. If you enjoyed what you read then I would be honoured of you would leave a comment or click one of the social media share icons below.

Dedicated to your health and fitness

Simon ‘teacher’ Anderson



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  1. Evelyn (Mother) says:

    Very good blog, makes a lot of sense and I agree with your comments

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