Poo Faces And Power Cries

You know you can really judge how much effort someone is putting in to a workout simply by the sounds they make or the looks on their faces as they perform a lift or exercise.

With running the Energise Fitness Camp I’ve certainly seen and heard my fair share of both

and I have to say…


Seeing and hearing these things make me know there’s a connection.

Whether it be to the exercise, to the routine, the music or to my commands, personally I don’t care which, as whatever it is has put that person in the zone and they are now killing it!

It might be aching them, it might even be hurting them but deep down they are loving it!

As at that point they know they are pushing the boundaries

comfort-20zone-smallThey are getting out of their comfort zone

They are now where the magic happens!

You see, removing yourself from within your comfort zone pushes you harder, makes you quicker, makes you faster, makes you stronger and with the right nutrition it makes you leaner too.

In my days training people I really have seen and heard some unusual things I have to say!

I’ve seen folks performing v-sits and planks with such determination on their face it looks like they’re trying to push out a poo!

I’ve heard clients doing press ups whilst making noises that can only be heard in some Dutch top shelf movies (well that’s what I imagine they sound like anyway as I’m obviously far too wholesome to watch that kind of thing….honest!)

I’ve watched men and women perform exercises with a look upon their face that you’ve only ever seen if you’ve been present at the birth of a child, you’ve seen breathing technique before haven’t you, deep breaths with long drawn out exhales as if they were whistling?!

Mens Category 105kgAnd during my days of being a gym member I’ve also bared witness to grown men in the weight lifting zone exerting themselves so much that their cries honestly sounds like someone’s killing them slowly and painfully!

But I’ll tell you something, to me these sounds and facial expressions are AWESOME!!!

These tell you that these guys and girls are smashing it!!

They’re driving all their energy into what the are doing, to work, to progress and to get the result!

I’m not saying though that if you’re not making these noises or faces that you are not putting the effort in, as some folk are just made that way.

What I am saying though is that next time you bare witness to someone reading on the tread mill, milling around in the gym gossiping, taking long drawn out pauses to check themselves out in the mirror or are more interested in how they look than how they train, they are NOT killing it!

They are in fact wasting precious moments that could truly define them, their health, their fitness and the way they look.

And although any exercise is better than no exercise at all, this I totally agree with.

To get truly remarkable results you need to get uncomfortable and in order to get uncomfortable you need to push yourself every single second you’re on the training field.

Superhuman-trainingFor that workout you need to become super human

You need to train like your life depends on it!

You need  to push more, lift heavier, sprint harder and dig deeper

In fact you need to dig deep into the very soul to muster ever ounce of energy to push yourself through those boundaries

NEVER heeding and NEVER distracted

As that is where you will find your results!

You only have to observe some of the  sporting worlds greats to see this

jessica-ennisFor instance Usain Bolt didn’t become the fastest man on the planet by reading on the treadmill, Arnold Schwarzenegger sure as hell didn’t get his Mr Olympia physique from chatting endlessly between lifts and Jessica Ennis didn’t achieve Olympic Gold competing in the 7 heptathlon track and field events through being worried more about her looks than reaching her training goals.

So to be the best you can be from your training you need to train like a MADMAN, with NO distractions and NO worrying about how you look or what noises you make.

Because if these simple things allow you train more effectively and push you closer to your goals then grunt, groan and pull faces to your hearts content!

I Hope you enjoyed this post and as always I would be honoured if you would leave a comment or click one of the share buttons so your friends can enjoy it too.

Many thanks

Dedicated to your health and fitness

Simon ‘work work work’ Anderson

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