She Called Me Names (A True Story) was a pretty standard evening at bootcamp last night

Well until one of clients blurted out what many might perceive as an insult that is

But not me though

Even though she called me a dick!!

I didn’t even rise when another client slated my singing either

Even though I felt at the time just like one of those poor x-factor hopefuls on the wrong end of a Simon Cowell ear bashing

You see I’m thicker skinned than that

And knew that it was all nothing more than banter

And besides my signing is awesome….NOT!!!

But that is the joy of bootcamp

There’s never an atmosphere

We don’t take anything other than the training seriously

We have a laugh

We swear

We joke

We burp

We moan

We sweat

We don’t ridicule

We don’t judge

We lose

We gain

We improve

We get stronger

We get faster

We yawn

We motivate

And once someone even farted…haha!

But what we do is we do it all together

Whatever the fitness level

Whatever the size

Or the shape

Whatever the goal

Or the dream

We start and we finish together

We grow together

We lose together

And we journey together

It’s just the bootcamp way

Anyways…back to being called A dick

This I actually see as a compliment


Let me explain

The comment was blurted out mid exercise

When the chips were down and the effort high

Odd things can happen

Screams, moans, funny faces, naughty words

I’ve seen and heard them all

Some would even get your mouth washed out by your mother as they’re that bad

And that’s just me….


But to me the names and all the colourful language just goes to prove that the workout I’ve delivered is tough

And that’s where the compliment comes from my fitness loving friends

If I wasn’t provoking a reaction, I’m not pushing them

And if I’m not pushing them, I’m not getting them results

And that’s a total waste of everyone’s time

Now I’ve an opportunity for you to come and openly call me names too

As I’m opening up doors for you to come and join me at the next Energise Fitness Camp trial week

Where I will personally show you how you can lose up to 9lb

Or 12 inches of body fat, just like Gemma did in JUST 7 days (story to come soon)

It kicks off on the 23rd of June with entries closing a week Friday

And this time I’m limited numbers and you’re getting the very first refusal before I open it fully to the public

You can register right here at

But that’s ONLY if you’ve never done a trial week with me before

Doors are now open so get yourself register TODAY

Dedicated to your health and fitness

Simon ‘dick (Richard is actually my middle name, d’oh!)’ Anderson

P.s Check out the next blog post to see how Gemma got a compliment from my missus after just 2 weeks of training with me

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14 Day Trial Membership Pass, Book Yours Today

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