Success Stories

At simon Anderson fitness training we help Real people achieve real results, Check out some of my success stories!!!


2 stone lighter, happier, healthier and stronger

The photo on the left is me taken two years ago. I was very unhappy with myself, I had no self confidence and felt uncomfortable in everything I wore.
I was determined to feel confident, happy and healthy. I became a member of Simon Anderson fitness training and joined in 3 classes a week. Simon’s classes are friendly, non intimidating, fun and most importantly effective. If you are willing to put in the hard work you will get results!!!
Two years on and I am 2 stone lighter and have lost a total of 17 inches across my body. Simons classes have help me to become confident, happy, strong and healthier than I have ever been – Vickie Dodds


I have more energy and less stress 

I do one weekly kettlebells with simon, and one weekly kickboxing class, I’ve lost half a stone and I am more toned, including my tummy which one doctor said I’d be stuck with after 2 c-sections.

Also my arms which I’ve always hated are thinner now. I now have more energy and it’s helped a lot with my mental health too particularly stress and anger.

Thank you Simon – Alice Birch


I’ve lost 30lb and 36.5 inches 

I started training with simon in January 2016 after getting to the point where enough was enough and I had to lose weight! I’ve done a range of simons classes including Kettlebells, HIIT, Fitness Camp and Circuits and I find all the classes motivational, interesting, varied and friendly!

Simons encouragement to push myself in classes has seen my body change dramatically over the last few months. I’ve lost 30lb in weight and a total of 36.5 inches off my body! So basically…..I highly recommend! – Becky Milton


18lb and a jean size in 4 weeks

I started training with simon in a bid to lose my pregnancy weight, feel strong and most importantly be fit and healthy for myself and my family. What I achieved with simon’s help was far more than this!

I have had 2 C sections and a hard recovery with my last. Simon’s knowledge on what to do and not do was incredible.

Using kettlebells and various bodyweight exercises, my overall strength and fitness improved so much in a short space of time that I was able to perform exercises I would never have attempted on my own.

The 28 day fitness plan truly works. The meal plans really shocked me at how easy it was to make. Being a busy mum of 2 it didn’t require spending 5 hours in the kitchen. The whole family enjoyed the meals as well.

In the first week I lost 9lb and with in 11 days you could see a physical change in my body. At the end of the 28 days I lost a total of 1st 4lb and dropped a whole Jean size.

I have learnt so much from simon, he is willing to share his expert knowledge and answer any questions you come up with. His tips on nutrition are excellent and his dedication is clear. Simonis energetic, fun, committed and inspirational…and I can’t recommend him enough! – Michelle Holmes


13lb gone and 20% faster over 5k 

I lost 13 lbs in 4 weeks which amazed me considering I wasn’t at all ‘overweight’ to begin with. Where Simon’s programme really benefitted me was by improving my strength, stamina and energy levels drastically.

I improved my 5km run time by more than 20% going from over 30 mins to under 24 over the course of a month! The recipes he provided were so great and many of them are now in my family’s regular rotation (we all know how hard it can be to think of meal ideas!). But what’s really important is that I’ve learned how to make the changes necessary to stay healthy and in shape going forward.
I real feel that I was at a crossroads where I could have started letting myself but instead this has helped me charge down the path of having a healthy and happy future with my growing family! Thank you Simon! – Nathan Cummings


A Flatter Tum in Just 28 Days 

I joined Simon when I was feeling pretty unmotivated. I followed Simon’s 28 Day Fat Loss Acceleration program and joined his Early Morning Fitness Camp along with some other classes.

The meals were easy to make and could be eaten by the whole family and the workouts were hard work but fun. I can’t recommend Simon highly enough and continue to train with him now! Thanks Simon – Sam Macaulay


Pre-pregnancy weight in just 3 months 

With my first pregnancy I put on a bit weight but then I did Simons ‘get mums fit project’ and managed to get back to my pre-pregnancy weight within 3 months.

So this time round with my second pregnancy I thought there was only one option which was to go back to Simon.

I had started loosing a bit of weight before starting up his classes again, but I knew it would be a lot quicker if I joined up. Simons classes are very fun, very challenging and very addictive.

I have not just lost weight with Simons classes but I have gained muscle and I am so much fitter. So all in all with going to Simons fitness classes, healthy eating and a lot of walking I have managed to loose a total of 3 STONE! – Laura Emm


I lost a total of 10 inches and 11lb

kate“I joined the mums get fit program in September after having my 3rd child in May. I wasn’t massively overweight but pretty unfit and needed to seriously tone up and loose the last bit of extra post baby weight. Unsure I would be able to survive the first class I signed up and I must admit after the first week I felt broken but also strangely keen to keep going and I’m really happy I did. As I continue to see my strength increasing and shape changing in 10 weeks now I have lost a total of 10 inches and 11lb. I feel healthier, leaner and have more energy than I’ve had in a long time.

Simons classes are fast, fun, and always changing to help keep you motivated when you think you can’t do anymore and he always gives you options if you struggle with particular exercises. The Get Mums Fit sessions work great for me as Simon is happy for babies and little ones to come along too. Emily happily sits in her buggy or on a mat next to me entertained watching mummy jumping about like a mad thing” – Kate, Mum of 3


I lost 2 stone

After having two children close together I was so unhappy about how I looked and feared I would never get my body back.

I joined Simon’s fitness training and with his help and encouragement at his Get Mums Fit Project I have lost over two stone.

I am starting to feel like me and again, I’m full of energy and happy with the progress I have made. I would highly recommend you to join simon as he is a great successful trainer! – Jasmine Warner


I lost 14lbs and 16 inches after 2 months

I’ve have always lacked motivation for going to the gym. One of my work colleagues introduced me to Simon Anderson and the Energise Fitness Camp after seeing their results after 4 weeks. I haven’t looked back since. Simon is a great motivator and has a wealth of fitness and nutritional knowledge to help you reach your goals.

The 45-minute workout routines are perfect for me with the added fun of being outside with others trying to achieve similar goals. I lost 14lbs and 16 inches after 2 months ……. BAM! I did encounter some obstacles along the way with a shoulder injury and slipping off the clean eating path, but Simon was right there to help me back on track.

 I had 3 main goals joining this fitness camp, lose some weight, improve flexibility, and eat healthier. Simon has helped me achieve all 3. I’m a keen golfer and the improved strength, flexibility, and energy gained from this programme has helped me move my game on leaps and bounds.

 I would recommend this Energise Fitness Camp to anyone who has similar issues with a lack of motivation to go to the gym, eat healthier, get fit or just lose some weight. Simon can and will help you!  – Wayne Kemp


eating healthy is the best way to see amazing results

I’ve spent my life in between having four children doing every diet you can think of. Don’t get me wrong the weight did come off but went straight back on when I started eating proper food again. Then I met Simon!

In the last month he’s taught me that eating healthy and regular exercise is the best way to see amazing results, increase energy levels and just overall make you feel amazing!!

I’ve had the best time working with some amazing people and am looking forward to a happy and healthy future and am very excited to see great results month by month 🙂 – Charlene Hill



The energy I now have is great

I’d just like to say an amazing thank you Simon for giving me a fab month of fitness camp and help with my healthy eating.  It has given me the best start on my road to a healthier life. There’s so many things I thought I was doing right but wasn’t and the knowledge I have now is fantastic. The energy I now have is great also. 

I can do more things and love the fact I fit my clothes better. The kids love the fact can run and play with them more. And they love eating healthy with me. Thank you for all your support and guidance. – Nic Jones



Simon promised and guess what he DELIVERED

Well I have completed the 4 week boot camp course with Simon and no words can describe how amazed I am with the results but I will try.

The course right from day one is fantastic, you instantly want to change your ways. When you walk away from that first session, sweaty, happy and endorphins racing through your body, you want nothing more than to chase the results Simon promises you and accept instantly Simon’s way.

Simon support, tips and general advice is second to none, you know that he wants results just as much as yourself, which I believe is the perfect recipe for a true transformation and something I personally have never had before and it helped me every step of the way, he truly is dedicated and a master to his work and promise to get you into a new body.

You place trust in his words and even myself who started a sceptic was BLOWN away with my before and after photos and totally understand the importance of this phase and to see it with my own eyes and say WOW to the transformation and results that Simon promised and guess what he DELIVERED!!

I can honestly say working with Simon on his programmes in which he personally tailor makes, was the best thing I have ever done and as soon as I saw my results BOOM! Signed up for another 12 weeks, any opportunity to work with Simon and his magical fitness touch should be grabbed with both hands and don’t let go, you will not get anyone who is more dedicated to his promise than Simon. – James “lost weight and happy” Littlejohn


photo (10)

I lost 11.5lb in just 4 weeks

Well what can I say……exercise and eating clean and lean has really become part of my daily routine, and I think it is something that will defiantly continue, even if I hadn’t signed up for another 12 weeks……oh yes remind me why I did that again??? Especially after yesterday’s work out!  I am however really looking forward to a Chinese takeaway tonight, as I am allowed! And I think that I deserve a treat after working hard that said I will not be undoing all of the good as this is very much a treat to be had on very rare occasions.

I am really chuffed with my weight and inch loss so here is my weekly amount and my total amount:

Total weight loss: 11.5 lbs and total inch loss: 14.5 inches

Many thanks Simon, bring on the next twelve weeks!

Kerry Randall


I got a new love of outdoor exercise

I have laughed, I have nearly cried (especially when my car got locked in), i have sworn, i have sweated (yes women do sweat!!) and then done it all again the next week!!
But what have I got out of the four week programme – a fitter body, a new love of outdoor exercise, loads of new exercises to try by myself if I am that crazy, new friends, a great new way to start the morning (i do the day break class!!) and a greater understanding of what I eat and it’s effect on me – body and mind!!!

Great fun for anyone who wants to work hard but at their own level for 45 mins. No two sessions are the same.

Give it a go…. The worst that can happen is you love it and want to come back the next week too!!!

Thanks Simon your gentle and encouraging approach … With a give as good as you get attitude has made these classes great fun!!

Ruth Sparkes


photo (9)

I lost 20.5lb in just 4 weeks

So the four weeks are now over….and what a blast it has been (a body blast that is!)

The program is a refreshing, fun and innovative approach to fitness training that certainly gets results – in particular Tabatha Tuesday and my personal favourite Tabatha D.O.M.S. Energise Fitness Camp will show you muscles that you didn’t even know existed and both the right way to exercise and to eat!

Simon is an extremely motivational guy and will do everything (both in and out of classes) to help in your personal weight loss goals! As well as daily tips by email I had frequent texts and the odd phone call to see how I was getting on, if I had any questions and generally a motivational chat!

The course itself is organised very well and caters for people in all walks of life – the early birds, the stay-at-home mums and the shift workers! The price is very fair and works out over a four week course as a little over £6 per session! Considering the results and guidance you get I would strongly recommend it!

Over the four weeks I have noticed several important things – one is that my energy levels have increased massively! I used to get to a point in late afternoon where I could have quite easily sat on the sofa or even had a nap! However, now I go the whole day without even getting tired!

But best of ALL, I lost 20.5lb in y first 4 weeks with Simon.

Thomas Warner


my hair is SO healthy and shiny 🙂

Simon was recommended to me by not one but two friends. One of which looked AMAZING in her wedding dress and the other managed to complete Tough-Mudder! That was all the proof I needed that Simon’s routines and nutrition WORKED… and now I have my own proof.
I suffer with mild ME/CFS and signed up because I had run out of options/ideas (medical and alternative) to improve my health and my overall quality of life.
I have been training with Simon for 4 weeks now and not only have I dropped a dress size, I have my energy back! I have so much get up and go and now I’m the one striding ahead in front of my friends, not dragging along behind.
On top of that the recipes are YUM and the few supplements that are recommended are really beneficial. I have a RUBBISH immune system which unfortunately is part and parcel of having ME/CFS but I didn’t even catch the cold going round my office this month! AND my hair is SO healthy and shiny 🙂
I would recommend Simon to anybody; Friends, Family.. strangers on the street! And even though it can be pretty tough there’s no way I’m giving up now either… It’s way too much FUN! :)”
Charlotte Osborne


photo (6)

In 2-3 weeks I dropped a dress size

WOW……………..Is all I can say! Don’t Hesitate and get in touch With Simon Anderson Fitness training Today……

 I remember only a couple of months ago feeling quite low & down about myself and my weight!

 I would cringe when I looked in a mirror or if I caught sight of my reflection in a window. Whenever I wanted to go out I dreaded going to my wardrobe. Tying things on were too tight or just too small!

 I got depressed going shopping, and I didn’t want to buy new BIGGER clothes, plus I couldn’t really afford to buy new. If there was a camera about I would try and hide at the back so no one could see my body.

 I don’t eat a lot, but I sometimes eat the wrong things and at the wrong times. I also have an ‘Over Active Thyroid’ and anyone who has one or knows someone who does will know this causes weight problems too!

 I have even been told that I couldn’t do certain Diets with this illness either so at times it was difficult to know what to do.

 Instead of feeling sorry for myself, I knew I had to do something about it….but what?

So I decided to get in touch with Simon Anderson and WOW, it’s the best thing I’ve done.

 I signed up for what has now been rebranded as the Energise Fitness Camp and followed a nutrition plan (with some delicious recipes) that Simon gave me.

 The exercise classes were such fun, you are worked hard but you also have a laugh, I met knew people and gained new friends. The classes also woke up muscles I hadn’t used for years, but after a few sessions they soon got used to it lol! It is so good because you can actually feel it working.

I feel so much fitter and better in myself now, it really is amazing!

 I will never forget my first week (not even a full week) I lost 9 inches & lost 4lb!!! I had to check my measurements again!

 In 2-3 weeks I dropped a dress size, and the weight is still coming off!!! I am now fitting back in to my old clothes once again as well as buying new ones too and having to put more notches in my belts.

 I have lost just over a stone now and feel great, my confidence is coming back too especially when I receive compliments…it is such a nice feeling!

I can’t wait to buy a new dress for a Christmas party I am going too with my partner.

 I cannot thank Simon enough…….he has taught me a new way of life which has improved my life in so many ways and my confidence is gradually coming back 🙂

The brilliant thing is I know I can carry on with it too and not get bored or give up.

 Simon really does know his stuff, you can email or text him whenever and he always gets back to you straight away, before, throughout and even after the program. Such a dedicated Trainer to you & he puts you first.

 What I would say to anyone thinking of trying this is…..

Don’t hesitate, go for it you will not regret it & the possibilities Simon gives you are endless!!!

I am truly AMAZED at myself, the results and the way I feel……it’s great!!

Karin Barnes


I feel like a new person

I can’t thank Simon Anderson fitness training enough! Not only has he changed the way I think about food with his fantastic nutrition plan (which I have to say is delicious) he also has the time to go through any concerns you have about your body, if you want to now anything from vitamins right through to parts of the body you need to work at Simon is the guy for you.
Simon also does fantastic classes which really do burn the fat. Simons Energise Fitness Camp is a major fat burner but with no added stress of being howled at by an instructor, everyone is treated the same regardless of what shape size and fitness ability you are, everybody mucks in to support each other as we’re all fighting the bulge which gives you that incentive to really go for it! Simons fitness training also does a spinning programme which with great music and a lot of banter makes it the ideal place to lose the pounds, shift the inches but have a good laugh at the same time.
I can’t recommended Simon enough, like most people I suffer from an illness which knocks me for six, since starting my training with Simons fitness training I can honestly say I feel like a new person, with the pounds and inches just falling off me and feeling healthier it’s about time everybody signed up to this fantastic programme!

Lauraine Petty


photo (3)

I have managed to shed 16 inches of body fat

What a fantastic 4 weeks of Energise Fitness Camp!!

I have always tried to look after myself and joined a gym but found that this never really worked for me as I would always find the gym a boring mundane experience which I found myself lacking in my workouts as it was always the same boring thing, and the main thing for me was that I never saw any results!

When I heard about Energise Fitness Camp I was very interested because it was something different and unique!! Don’t let the “boot camp” outdoors experience but you off because it is honestly the best thing I have done this year!! If you are fed up with the boring, hot, sweaty gyms then you really should give this a go! I was nervous on the first session but everyone there is so friendly and the good thing is that everyone is there for the same reason, and the whole outdoor muddy experience is all part of the fun which even though everyone really works so hard in the sessions we all have a good laugh too!

The diet plan (if you wish to call it that) is so easy, as I was a serious carb monster but I did not find it hard because it still was “normal food” we were eating! Which I do have to say that the food was easy to make and tasted amazing! Best of all it was limited to rabbit food like majority of the other diet plans are!!

With Simon’s support I have managed to shed 16 inches of body fat in total, and I am over the moon with the results! If anyone is thinking about giving this a go – DO IT, it honestly works and gives you the best results!!

Thanks to Simon for all his hard work and encouragement!!!

Jemma Madams




photo (8)

I lost 22 inches of body fat in 5 weeks

What a transformation!! I am totally happy with the results that Energise Fitness Camp has given me. I have been overweight for a long time, and have tried several different weight loss programmes and have failed in all of them. The menu plan was really easy to follow as it contained “normal food” that was easy to prepare and really tasty to eat. The training is really good fun. Although outdoors, don’t let that put you off, as it adds to the fun element. No hot sweaty gyms, just normal everyday people with the same goal working out and having a laugh. Hard work, but as you are having a laugh at the same time it’s all worth it. After losing 22 inches of body fat in 5 weeks, I’m over the moon and can’t wait to get back on it and continue with the losses.

Thanks to Simon for all his hard work and encouragement!!!

Sharon Hamilton


photo (14)

give it a go you won’t regret it

I have just finished 8wks with Simon & what a change I’ve seen. It sounds odd but I noticed a big change in my shape, from week one!! I’ve lost 13lbs & 19 ½ inches, it’s been hard work but lots of fun. I’m going to miss the workouts, but I’ll definitely be back. So if you’re thinking of joining The Energise Fitness Camp, give it a go you won’t regret it. It’s a very welcoming & friendly group.

Marie Wee Delargy



Simon is a brilliant motivator

The boot camp is the most fun and pain I’ve felt at the same time since I was a teenager….
Simon is great fun and a brilliant motivator. I love being in nature so being outdoors is even better.
The routines are always new, so we never know what we are doing until we get there.
Just going for the month has enabled me to drop a dress size, a stone and 15 inches of body fat….. I feel more relaxed with my kids and have the energy I need to keep up with the demands of a busy life…
I would recommend doing this to anyone… much fun and all the ladies are a laugh.

Louisa Tanner


photo (5)

I lost 1 stone 12 pounds and a staggering 34 inches

After years of being overweight and trying gyms, diets and all types of exercise I contacted Simon Anderson. From the very first e-mail I felt that this was going to be the start of the new me. Simon has been supportive and passionate about his Fitness camp and his enthusiasm is contagious. In the 9 weeks I’ve been going to the Energise Fitness Camp, I have lost 1 stone 12 pounds and a staggering 34 inches. I’ve gone from wearing size 18/20 clothes to a loose size 16 and I couldn’t be happier. I still have a long way to go but I plan to keep going and get the body I dream about. Simon has not only pushed me to do exercise that I use to have nightmares about but has educated me about food and that’s not only helped me but it has created a healthy lifestyle for my husband and two young daughters. So if you want to get fit and have a giggle and are not afraid of a bit of hard work then look no further as Simon “Burpee” Anderson will get you results.

Sam Vigor


Energise Fitness Camp is definitely for you

I’ve never been one of these “naturally slim girls” who can eat anything they want!! So just like the rest of us, I have to include some form of fitness into my life. Trust me when I say that the thought of slaving away in the gym, only give up after a week was something I never ever enjoyed and had tried a number of times!!! I needed something that I could see worked (and without taking years to get there). So when I heard of the Energise Fitness Camp, I thought it wouldn’t hurt to give it a go!! And I’m so glad I did. I’ve loved every moment (yes I did say loved!!). Being in a group with Simon has given me the encouragement, support and results I needed. I lost 11.5 lbs and 9.5inches over 5 weeks following Simon’s meal plan. We all have fun doing what we hate in life, and have met some lovely people along the way too. I’ve enjoyed the program so much that I’m signing up again!!! No one can make you do anything in life but if you are like me and need the help and support then the Energise Fitness Camp is definitely for you.

Tracey Tryhorn


photo (7)

The best thing about Fitness Camp is that we are all in it together

I’ve always been an all or nothing sort of girl when it comes to diet and fitness. If I get bored or don’t see results on the scales straight away, I give up. However, I learned very quickly with Simon Anderson Fitness Training and the Energise Fitness Camp that results are less about what the scales say, more about the tape measure and, amazingly, how I feel!  No other diet I have been on before has actually focused that much on how I am feeling. Simon has taught me that through exercise and re-examining the foods I eat, I can lose weight and feel great!  Being able to judge my success on how much better I am sleeping and how much more energy I have is a revelation. Simon has helped me with my vegetarian diet and how to get the best out of the foods I can eat. I never realised before how my poor food choices could impact on my sleep pattern. I also gave up wheat as part of his initial detox programme and have discovered my ‘trigger’ foods for bloating and this has made a dramatic difference to me – I feel like a different person!

 Food is only part one of the Fitness Camp though: exercise is part two. Exercise is my nemesis. I don’t know why but I have always hated it. You know that feeling? Going to the gym on your own, feeling all insecure as you pound away at the treadmill while other women make it look so easy, hardly breaking a sweat. At the Energise Fitness Camp exercise is not like that at all! Group fitness has helped me find my love for working out. Simon combines a variety of circuit style activities carried out in intervals which gets your heart rate pumping and burns fat fast. The exercises are fun but challenging. Each week Simon pushes us that little bit further and as I results I am achieving things that I never thought I would be able to do…push ups for example!  

The best thing about Fitness Camp is that we are all in it together. Those feelings of insecurity are gone and I love seeing myself and others growing in confidence and in strength (both inside and out) as we all work to change our lives so we can have a healthier future.  

 My major achievements:

*From not being able to do a single press up, I can now do sets of 15!

*So far I have lost 6.5lbs in 13 weeks and a whooping 19inches from my body.  

*I was 9st 7lbs and I’m now 9st ½ lbs.  

*My dress size was 12-14 and I’m now a 10.

Oooh, and I now love Burpees.  Don’t know what a Burpee is?  Well, sign up and find out – you won’t be disappointed!

Anna Crabb


I’m now sleeping like a log

Hi Simon, I just want to say thanks for a pretty amazing month. The fitness sessions, although intense, were fun and so effective, my fitness increased rapidly and the toning effects were visible pretty much straight away. The nutrition guide was a complete wake-up call, I can now see where I was going wrong in the past during previous attempts to  get fitter. My skin has improved drastically and I’m sleeping like a log, l have more energy during the day and am generally in a good place – love it! Bring on the next 3 months, I can’t wait to see the results!

Louise Robbin

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14 Day Trial Membership Pass, Book Yours Today

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