Success Tips From A Toddler

yes-you-canI s*** you not

My daughter taught me a lesson the other day that I felt compelled to share with you

And you wouldn’t believe it but she’s only 10 months old

Don’t worry though, she’s not on any special workout or diet plan

No way Jose!!!

She already eats enough and always gives Mum and Dad the run around the little monkey!

She’s pretty damn awesome though and a proper hungry little caterpillar is my Boo


I was sat watching her the other day as she played

When suddenly it dawned on me

No matter what she did, she never gave up!

And because she never gave up she always achieved her goal

I guess that’s the beauty of youth though

They know nothing of failure

Which got me thinking and my apologises for going deep here

But where and when in life did we accept that failure is okay?

I mean, straight from the off we’ve been designed to succeeded

From that little sperm we started out as that won the race to the egg

To the day we took our first step

Or that first test

No matter what happened before those moments

And whatever trial or tribulations we suffered, we kept on going

As that’s all we knew

Until, somewhere down the line disaster struck

And failure occurred

That’s when we made the choice that it was okay to fail

That it was okay to start something and quit

Maybe because there was easier option

Maybe we simply didn’t have the skills to pull it off

Or maybe we didn’t have the support needed to get us past that finish line

Either way failure was our best, maybe only option

But this shouldn’t be so should it?

Failure shouldn’t be an option!

Imagine we all failed as toddlers and simply gave up when we couldn’t master the crawl

Would we of ever mastered the walk?

Where would that leave us as a human race?

Right up s*** creek without a clue as to how to use the freaking paddle is where we would all be

This IS where it changes though

As when it comes to weight loss I’m here to tell you now that you DON’T have to fail again

That you can smash through those barriers and earn the body you deserve

But only, and I mean ONLY if you’re up for a challenge

You see I’m opening up the doors to the 21 Day Detox Challenge

Which is the perfect opportunity for you and ONLY 49 others to work closely with me

Where I will personally hold your “virtual” hand through 21 mapped out days of detoxification, weight loss, improved health and increased fitness

During which you will receive my “proven to get results” blueprint of success through nutrition, fat incinerating home workouts and all the daily motivational tit’bits you need to succeed

Now theres only 50 spaces available to start on Monday the 5th of May

And I know that this ain’t for everyone

And it’s possibly not for you either

But hey, that’s cool

It just means there’s space for someone else who really DOES want it

Who is desperate to make a difference to their the way they look and feel

And who is more than happy to revisit their youth and do as their toddler self would’ve done all those years….


If this sounds like you and you’re ready to grasp the bull by both horns then register yourself today

As it’s strictly first come first served

Dedicated to your health and fitness

Simon ‘failure is not an option’ Anderson

P.s entries close midnight on Friday to take the 21 Day Challenge and if your names not down, your not getting in!

P.p.s If you enjoyed reading this short blog then I would be honoured if you shared it with your friends via one of the social media buttons and before you go feel free to leave a comment as I LOVE comments

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