Tales of Sweat, Filth and Rubber Gloves

tales-of-sweat-filth-and-rubber-gloves-simonandersonfitness.co.ukOoh, sounds a little risque doesn’t it

Unfortunately this some what sinister tale is far from that

You see, I’ve just returned from a family trip to France

We all had a lovely time by the way and it was perfect to spend some proper Daddy time with my little girl

The weather treated us well too which was a bonus

But on our return and what welcomed us at home was….

Well…to describe it best

Stomach turning

On it’s discovery I had no other choice but to act, it happened almost on impulse

And believe me I took absolutely no pleasure whatsoever in doing so either

You see lurking in the fridge tray was a very suspect item

And though all seemed fine at first as I gripped the said item and began to remove it from it’s half buried state from underneath a fine head of broccoli

All was not fine, not fine at all!

As that’s when I made the discovery

The discovery of the poor old courgette!!!

It seemed in pretty good health at first

But in fact it was very sick, very sick indeed!

As the bottom half that was buried from sight was mangled and had started to go just a little bit bad

It was kinda reminiscent of the opening scene in Jaws when Brody makes the discovery of that girl on the beach

I know, I know…

A bit over dramatic maybe but that’s the very best way to describe it my dear friend

Well I quickly dispatched the poor courgette along with the rest of the trays contents

But the fridge ordeal for me was far from over

As after a closer inspection much work was needed

Out came the marigolds (yellow unfortunately and not pink as I would’ve preferred) along with the cleaning sprays to commence a full scale strip and cleanse operation

I’m talking sides, walls, trays, I even had to detach all the plastic trims and go to work on them with a tooth brush too

They were utter filth!!!

An hour later though all was sparkly and lemony fresh once more


But what has this to do with you …

***Huge health and weight loss tip coming up***

You see, your body is just like your fridge

Food goes in, food comes out….

But unfortunately some food can get left behind and this my friend is where the problems begin

Just like my fridge, unwanted food ie that ‘nasty pasty’ called fat can get trapped and over time can build up

Leading to weight gain and increased health issues

But fear not, it’s not all doom and gloom

Well it isn’t if you don’t let it go unattended that is

But with a little care and attention you can have your body as clean inside and out as my fridge

What am I talking?

Of course I’m talking detox baby!

And guess what I’ve got just the ticket for you

Well that’s if you’re up for a little challenge anyway?!

But hey,

I know not everyone is going to be up for it so believe me I won’t be offended at all if you say no

It just leaves a space for someone who is

But before turning down this opportunity ask yourself this …

* Do you want to turbo charge your energy levels?
* Improve your digestion?
* Increase your quality of sleep?
* And be a jean size smaller in just 21 easy and mapped out days?

Then I welcome you to join my little 21 day detox challenge starting Monday the 5th of May

Erin’s doing it right now and this is what she said

“I’m only 5 days in to the detox and after completing 2 of the workouts and I’ve already lost 5lb! I’m sticking to the meals and drinking plenty of water and green tea which satisfies my caffeine needs. And best of all, I’m sleeping better and I wake up every morning feeling refreshed and energised”

Pretty awesome don’t you think?

The 21 day challenge of detoxification, exercise and lifestyle modifications is open ONLY to the first 50 to register

The nutrition is easy to follow

The workouts can be done at home

And the lifestyle modifications are designed to NOT impact your life in any drastic way apart from in a good way

And it’s only gonna cost you £21

Just £1 per day

And I promise it will transform your body and change your life forever

If you fancy jumping straight to the top of the list and get having first refusal on a place, hit me up at info@simonandersonfitness.co.uk

Any how’s, I’m off to check for anything else that might be in need of a good rub down

Oh err missus 🙂

Dedicated to your health and fitness

Simon ‘get lean and keep your fridge clean’ Anderson

P.s I have another awesome health, fitness and weight loss tip heading your way next week and it comes straight from my daughter. It’s going to be perfect for you if you struggle to stick to a ‘diet’ or plan 🙂

You will only receive it if you’re not on my email list, but no worries, you can sign up to it with the link below and download yourself my free gift of a 7 day weight loss ebook in the process….BARGAIN!!!!


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