Who Would’ve Thought Hey?

Disappointed-Baby5Have you ever done something to please someone else?

Something that goes against your better judgement?

I’m sure you have, I’m pretty sure everyone has

After all it’s in our nature to not disappoint others isn’t it?


I’m going to tell you of a story that happened to me just the other week

You see my step son has recently moved high schools and is in his first term there

I’m pleased to say he’s loving it too which is great as his previous school was pretty much a dump!

Now as he’s at this new school he’s doing and learning new things

One of the those things is food tech

Damn they call it some crazy things nowadays

I used to know it as home economics, no doubt you knew it as something different too

Anyways, the last thing he had to make was scotch eggs

And I admit he did a pretty good job with them too, they were pretty tasty

The problem though was that in eating one of them I went against my better judgement

You see I didn’t really want to try it them but then I didn’t want to disappoint the young man either

psyching out imageSo against my better judgement and after a long time sat there literally staring at it…

Almost psyching it out

Well you should have seen it, it was almost the size of a baby’s head!

Okay, maybe a slight exaggeration there but it was a s**t load bigger than any other standard scotch egg put it that way!

So I ate it, and……it tasted good

But that’s pretty much where the joy ended!!!

Now, I knew full well what ingredients involved were but as I didn’t buy them for him I knew that they weren’t clean foods

In fact, I’m pretty ‘bet a testicle on it’ sure that they were very cheap ingredients making for god knows what within that egg, sausage and bread crumbed concoction!

That would totally explain the reaction I had after

My belly swelled as if I were pregnant…NICE!!!

I couldn’t eat again that day except for a banana later on as I was just far too uncomfortable

Not surprising really with that gluten and wheat, trans-fat and cheap meat filled time bomb exploding in my gut!

Feeling rough!Man I felt rough!

Needless to say its something that I will think twice about doing again believe me!

But what does this story have to do with you?

Well there’s no hard sale this time

It’s simply advice so that you can learn from my mistakes really

You see sometimes you have to disappoint

There’s no two ways about it

Especially when you’re training or taking part in a nutritional plan

Whether it’s family, friends, colleagues or a complete stranger

By not disappointing someone else the chances are you’re going to at the very least leave yourself disappointed

Especially if your results were to suffer because of it

No wants that do they?!

So if you’re faced with a situation where someone wants/expects you to do something that may either leave them disappointed or lead you off your path

Take a second to ponder the implications

And if your plans, goals, wishes or beliefs are not to be affected then go for it

If not then be strong and don’t be afraid to leave someone else disappointed but explain why so not to hurt their feelings

In hindsight I wish I hadn’t eaten that scotch egg,

I wish I had spoken to my step son about it first

36219_scotch_eggsExplained all

But I didn’t and now the time has passed

Luckily with no other consequences apart from a heavily bloated stomach, several hours of feeling like utter s**te and a new found hatred of scotch eggs!

I guess I got off lucky, haha!

After all it was just a scotch egg

Someone else’s situation may be somewhat different!

Dedicated to your health and fitness

Simon ‘The Wise Old Owl’ Anderson

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