Will Eating Fruit Make Me Fat?

Is a question I get asked many a time

fruit-simonandersonfitness.co.ukFruit contains a natural sugar called fructose and very high amounts of fructose can and will indeed make you fat.

So will fruit make you fat?

The truthful answer…probably not.

But then that does depend on how much fructose you consume and from what source you consume it from

Let me explain…

Fruit contains natural sugars,

Luckily though not in massive amounts. Fruit also contains good levels of fibre which actually helps to lower the insulin spike that the fruits sugars can create.

One problem with fructose though is that it is more easily stored as fat than glucose (the other sugar that the liver breaks carbs down too), but that’s nothing to worry about though because fructose will only get stored as fat only if you’re consuming more food (calories) than you can burn off.

Now if you’re eating in excess you’re going to gain weight no matter where those calories come from. So can’t go blaming your weight gain on that daily banana you snack on daily at work. If you’re eating a calorie deficit diet, eating for maintenance or exercising regularly then the sugars consumed should be used directly as energy and not stored as fat.

However, some folk are super sensitive when it comes to fructose, and though them eating fruit regularly will not make them fat, it might slow down, and sometimes stop any weight losses depending on how much and what fruit they are eating

Berries-simonandersonfitness.co.ukMy top tip

Limit fruit to just 3 portions a day, with at least one of those portions coming from berries. When it comes to fruit, berries are the better option as not only are they low in fructose and have a low GI value they also have a rich payload of nutrients and disease fighting antioxidants.

And although eating regular fruit may not result in making you fat there are however 3 ways that fruit could actually make you fat

Dried fruit

dried-fruit-simonandersonfitness.co.ukDates and raisins have a much lower amount of water in them compared to there original state, meaning they are more densely packed with sugars to enhance flavour and preserve shelf life. And since they are smaller due to hydration you’ll be able to snack on more without realising exactly how much you have eaten whilst creating a larger calorific intake.

Now I’m not saying to avoid them completely just be wary they are calorie dense and to consume them in moderation

smoothie-simonandersonfitness.co.ukShop Brought Smoothies

Smoothies are a fast and effective way to load up the body with fruit, the bonus being that it’s going to be crammed full of vitamins and minerals, the downside though is that it will also receive a large natural sugar hit too.

Next time you reach for a shop brought smoothie, first take a look at a sugar contents and you may be a little shocked. For instance a bottle of innocent smoothie, just a quick look will reveal just how much sugar they can cram into a small bottle without actually adding any.

However, if you make your own smoothies you can control just how much fruit goes in. A handful of berries and half a banana blended with your source of protein along with almond/coconut milk will be a lot better than the super sweet highly processed sugar filled over-the-counter stuff you can get your hands on that is meant to be good for you

Fruit juice

fruit-juice-simonandersonfitness.co.ukBy far the biggest culprit of all. Just a little research and you will see just how many apples go into a single bottle of apple juice, believe me if you investigated in to it you’d be surprised. Apples only have around 15g of fructose in them (depending on size of course), so even if you have an apple or two a day it’s really no big deal. Now just one cup of apple juice however can contain something like five or six apples.

Now I don’t know about you, but I could quite easily drink a litre bottle a day, in fact, used to do just that in Orange juice before my dentist gave me a severe talking too that is. But believe me, if I knew what I know now, of exactly how much of a sugar hit you get from a bottle of juice I wouldn’t touch the stuff unless it’s for a rare treat.

Not only that though, but the over processing of the fruit means that most of the fibre content is lost before you get to even taste it

So if weight loss is your goal then fruit juice is an absolute no no or you will never get lean that lean physique that you’re after

Dedicated to your health and fitness

Simon ‘saving you from sugar overload’ Anderson

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